New with this..!

(I posted in Shortcuts also, althrough this seems to be the correct place)

I’m very new with this stuffs and I don’t think I really know anything that you guys don’t ready know, but for me, I usually remember my dreams when I’m not sleeping to comfortly.

A couple of examples;

  1. I usually sleeps with 3-4 pillows, and when i got 1, or even none, I usually not sleeps so “good”/deep as I noramaly do, thus increasing the (mine atleast) ability to remember my dreams in detail.

  2. Sleep with clothes on, works for me…

  3. Have your tv on, this gives me something to relate to when I’m dreaming, I hear it, but can’t see it, which reminds me that I’m sleeping, or atleast trying to…

I just read about LD yesterday and it got me really interested, mainly becouse it happens to me time to time, but I’m not sure its LD…
Here’s an example;

Me and a friend was walking down a street and saw an old man with a wooden cane, we just walked past him and he looked like he was saying something but I could not hear him, then we came up to a HUGE forest and it was totaly green exept for one little brown thing which was a Cane… I was about to grab the cane when I started to sink into the ground and my friend said “We are waking up now…” and then I woke up.

Was this LD? I don’t know if i could control the dream, though I was not thinking about it.

If you knew that you were dreaming, it was a LD.

Fun to have another swedish member on the forums.
Välkommen. :content:

In fact, I don’t know if I knew i was dreaming… Hmm, that sounded confusing.


i dont think i’d label that as an LD because you weren’t aware that you were dreaming while you were in the dream. maybe you knew for a brief second at the very end but by then you were already on your way to waking up. if i had a dream like that, i’d consider it a normal dream.

There are definitely LDs where you are not aware that you are dreaming. This doesn’t sound like one, but if you wouldn’t have woken up it probably would have been.

I don’t usually count my dreams where I am controling the dream world through subcouncious thought and I am not aware I am aware I am dreaming, because this happens a little too often and doesn’t have near the same implicaitons as a full blown lucid dream. But I also think they aren’t NDs.

By definition LDs are dreams in which you are aware that you’re dreaming. That means conciously. :smile:

Yeah, it’s only an LD if you KNOW that you are dreaming. Otherwise, it’s not an LD.

For example, last night, in an ND, I got posiend, and said to myself, ‘hey, that posien is right near an aritiary - shouldn’t I be dead?’
i then got a view of the posien pushing into my artery… and then i died in the dream. yup - i accidently commited suicide in an ND :tongue:.
Just because I controlled it doesn’t mean it’s an LD.

Yeah, even if you are in a dream and your dreambody says “hey, i’m dreaming” but you don’t realise you are dreaming, it isn’t a LD.

I can’t speak for others here, but I know MY first LD experience… I KNEW it was a LD lol… such a huge shock it was… I was like “omg! Im dreaming!!! This is so feckin cool!” lol… My point being, if you have a LD, you will suddenly feel like you’ve “woken up in your dream”, and you’ll KNOW about it :wink: (at least that’s what it was like in my case :grin: