New Years Resolutions. . .

I don’t know about anybody else but making a New Years resoloution to be more commited to Lucid Dreaming. This is one thing i Really need to [and want to] put ALLOT more effort into. For the past year i have been going on and off in my interest in Lucid Dreaming, therefore i haven’t had one yet :angry: . The first step in my effort is the purchase of stephen laberge, and reighold’s book Exploring the World or Lucid Dreaming. i will use this book for general reading, and also for the WBTB method.

Anyone else have similar plans???

Thanks :ok:

Ok, My new years resolution:

I will write in my Dream Diary (actually it’s just many sheets of paper) every single morning when I awake. I’m a bit worried that I won’t have the willpower to accomplish this though… :neutral:

I am making a new years resolution to keep a dream diary and commit myself more to lucid dreaming, too. Good luck with your resolutions! :thumbs:

I am also making a new years resolution to quit lurking and start posting at forums I visit. :wink:

I see. dream journaling doesnt work for me, i just repeat the dream in my head constantly throughout the day :uh: , but its also something i shouldnt dismiss.

As usuall also this year resolution will be getting twice as much from life than a year before:)
That means ill also make twice as much people happier:)
allready envy them:)

Bring the LD state completly under control so I can have four or five a night

60 LD’s in Janurary - I think I can meet this

My resolutions are to extend my time I can stay lucid, and to actually keep my intention to do WBTB. :wink:

60 LD’s AHHHHHHHHHHH, i ahvent even had ONE!

Thanks :ok:

You do know that a true master will nenver brag about their skill nor will they show others there true power. remember that.

My goal is to have a lucid everynight and to get shared dreaming under raps "D


true masters can brag…

Also my other goals are:

Be able to beat all song on heavy Mode in DDRMax2

Oh and what do you mean by to get shared dreaming under raps "D

What is raps D?

lol well how to take that L_M

lol incable no not i. infact quite the opp bragers make me strive harder so in the end i can show them up. And no true masters dont brag true masters share their skills. So L_M which are you.

Brinning it under raps means under control under skill to have control over it and command it.

i mean that i will get shared dreaming done