hey, i just started the steps to start having lucid dreams.

i was just curious how long it took you guys to start having some?

:welcome: Heya, Cal!

How long it takes is completely based on the person, so it’s pretty much random. For some it takes months, for others they have one the night they first start reading about lucid dreaming. If you don’t have one at first though, don’t give up, keep trying. :wink:

It took me about a year till I had my first (and still only) LD… That means though that you can’t quit just because it didn’t work after a few weeks.

I had mine exactly one week after I started trying, and my second a few days later (although I am yet to remain lucid for more than a few moments). I had known about lucid dreams for some time before that, though.

I had my first lucid dream about 1 and a half months after I started trying to LD, and then I got my second one in another 3 weeks.

i nearly had one last night which suprised me. in the dream i started talking about a lucid dream, but then i woke up and realized i almost had one, but just that feeling was pretty sweet.

Ooh, so close! That’s what happens to many beginners. It happened to me in a dream where I was in “Lucid Dreaming School”. :tongue:

I have mine so sporadically it’s not even funny, but I have also been practicing on and off, if I can be consistent this time hopefully i can have them on a regular basis. The sad thing is, it does work easier for some people more than others, my one sister and by brother are (or at least claim to be) naturals, they’ve never even studied any of the stuff on this website and they go into lucid dreams at will, and half the time they don’t even do anything with them, youth really is wasted on the young…along with others things :razz:

But yeah mine come in rare sporadic events, it’s almost impossible for me to control, but I’ve had quite a few, a couple even before i knew there were real methods to make it happen, it was like a divine gift that came and went with the wind…

I had mine after my first day (the 19th of July)of trying, but since then I have yet to have one, although I’ve stayed up 3 days straight due to a family problem so I haven’t had much of an opportunity.

Then they probably don’t understand exactly what lucid dreaming means.

I think you’ll find the people don’t become fully lucid without will. Period. Ergo there is no such thing as a ‘natural’ Lucid Dreamer.

Possibly they are confusing it with ‘pre-lucidness’ (a misnomer, IMO).

Also, I don’t see what youth has to do with LDing.

I had my first LD the first night I tried. Then last night, which was the second night, I almost had one but it slipped away. So it can be any time you have your first one really, just depends I guess…Just don’t give up! :content: