Newbie Advice - Helpful Hints For Aspiring Lucid Dreamers II

The point of doing RC’s in waking life, is that you will dream about doing one too, and hence become lucid.

RC’s also help you to become more aware of what’s happening around you, something that also aids into realizing you are dreaming. I suggest you read the main site and both the Reality Check chapters, in “first” and “how”.

thanks a bunch, i had my first ld last night. i woke up in my dream and for some reason i was like " you know what, im dreaming." i dont know what triggered it it was strange. then i walked through my wall where i met my friends and then we talked and that was it. kind of a lame first ld, but cool. i think i may have done a wild on without trying. i was just thinking about it as i went to sleep and the way that i realized i was dreaming.

I have tried alot while falling asleep to see HI for WILD but have never succeded.

While going home from school on the bus I tried to sleep and had my first HI. It was alot like a ND but I still heard what was going on around me IRL.

Any Ideas what would be causing this so I could achieve it at night?

Some factors:

I sometimes have my backpack on the same bench leaning up against me.

I ussually listen to music, sometimes recordings of waves or rain.

Also I think the motion might have some affect on it

Hey, I’ve got an idea that’ll help you remember to do a Reality Check!

OK, on your dominant hand (the hand you write with) draw a small line with a marker about half an inch from the part where your thumb meets your hand. That way, whenever you do something like typing or writing or drawing, you’ll see the line and remember to do an RC! It works for me.

I just realized that I have many lucid dreams, but i didn’t know what a lucid dream was. I rarely have dreams, but when I do, they are very wierd, so I realize that I am dreaming. At other times, I just can controll them, but I don’t realize that I am dreaming until I wake up.

I tend to have more dreams when I listen to music either just before or while falling asleep. One of the best songs to fall asleep to is Stairway To Heaven, By led zeppilen. It starts out soft and soothing, which makes you think and focus, but then slowly gets heavier so that you slowly are eased into white noise which clears your head. I tend to fall asleep between the end of the If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow verse and the middle of the as we wind on dow the road verse.

Other than Stairway, I tend to listen to soft rock and alternative before bed. I also suggest REM’s Automatic for the People album. All of the songs except the first three are soft and good to fall asleep to. The last three are particularly good.

A lot of the greatful dead works well. They play simple, non-technical music that doesn’t take a lot of thinking to listen to.

Although I can’t say that I conciously try to have LD’s, I do have them and these are all the things that I could think of that trigger them.[/i][/u]

Dreams are often more vivid and sleep is lighter during daytime naps. They include less deep sleep. Doing WBTB at night will also help you with HI and WILDs. I found this topic that might be useful.

i stumbled onto this site about a week ago and have been fascinated with it ever since :grin: . i am only 18 and a freshman in college, and let me tell you, living in the dorms cannot help my situation of hardly being able to LD :angry: . but i have tried and tried again(well as best i can since its finals week) and the best i have gotten so far is about a few seconds of lucidity (is that a word?) :shrug: …anyways with my crazy room mates :beer: it is hard to do any type of undisturbed meditation. so WILD method didn’t work to much…i have yet to try the WBTB…i have made signs to check my reality, and i do often…i have also tried the MILD method almost every night since i have found this site and so far nothing :wallhit: … but i have not given up hope and am looking forward to my first long dance with lucidity :obe:

does anyone have any tips or pointers, i am very determined and trying not to be impatient

The main tip when you begin is enhancing your dream recall and have a dream journal. When you recall about one dream per night, then you can practice MILD/autosuggestion techniques.

i have been able to remember more then one dream per night for a while now, but i have yet to start a dream journal of any sort, ill be sure to hop up on that and thhank you for the advice and such

be easy

I just learned about LD and I tryed it . That was like 5 days ago.

The first time/the first success. Don’t know how I have done it maybe a little of MILD but I became lucid right when the dream started (there was no dream at all , just me near my house) and by flying I was sure I was in a dream.

Upon that time , I succeeded 2 more times and it was always near my house with no ND to start. That was weird.

I am AMAZED at the difference between “actively trying to recall your dreams and write them down” and not doing it. The last two nights I have recalled at least three dreams. As I wrote them down I remembered more and more.

I wouldn’t have remembered any of it if I hadn’t tried to.

Sadly none of them were very interesting :grin:

Well done Nyctersis :content: … don’t forget to pick out common dreamsigns you notice :smile:

Hi All,
This is going to be my first night, knowing what may help me with my dreams, my brother and i have been trying to firgure out how exactly to do it, and now thanks to you guys, i think we can! Even though it may take some time!

Thanks to have joined the Lucid Club ! lol

You will get a lot of pleasure trying to LD ! Thats a whole different world. Try OBE when you will be good at LD.

sigh I need a new dream journal. My old one is full up.

I write in ones with flowers. lol, it was all I could get from my mom, and I’m like, why not. It’s a bit fruity, but, it’s like, go for it :happy:

Mine had little flowers and pink frilly stuff like that so i made a book cover for it, like I did in high school where you cut up a brown paper bag cover the book. So then I could write on it the front cover and put little pictures on there.

I have another hint.

If you are frustrated, the best thing to do is to have a lucid dream. In particular, a very-highly-lucid dream. Assuming that Saturday is your day off, go to bed on friday with your alarm set for 6:00. The moment you wake up, go back to sleep. You may not think you can do it, but you can. Once you go back to sleep, you should get a lucid dream. :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:

I just use a spiral notebook that I scribble/write all over. You don’t have to get anything fancy… but then again, you could get an LD4ALL dream journal. It’s got the old logo, but it does help support this site.

Have you considered starting a virtual DJ, so we can all read your dreams and make nice comments? :smile: