Newbie chainging dreams together.

I had a strange experience a couple nights ago, I was practicing SSILD when I got into a LD! I was very happy, stayed calm and had some fun throwing stones at a thousand miles per hour until I woke up. But instead of getting up, I thought
“why get up, it’s Saturday! Just go back to sleep!”
So I did, weird thing was, I had another LD in the same scenario!
I did this 5 times that night, 25 minutes of LDs in total, with the scenario changing slightly each time.

My questions are, how difficult is it to do this, and why did I do it even though I wasn’t trying?

Why did I hear a scary THUMP noise each time I reentered a dream?

if you already know how to lucid dream its not that hard at all. it most likely happened because you were thinking about the dream while you were falling asleep again. continuing a ld is easier than starting one i think. because you have a very specific scene you are thinking about/creating. you have already been there and you know where you want to go. as to the THUMP… i have no idea. maybe the second and other times u were expecting it so you imagined it.

Great work on chaining. It’s not hard at all as you could see. The thing is you need to have a right conditions to do so. When you wake up from a dream you still need to be in the REM cycle to continue another dream(chaining) which apparently you were and also the best chances for chaining you have if you don’t move at all after waking up from a dream.

The noise you here is HH. It’s normal. I don’t hear it usually. What I experience is strange body sensation which tells me that I’m very close to entering the dream. Now when you experienced it and when you know that before every entering in a dream you hear that noise you can use it as a cue for your WILD experiment…

Good luck! :content: