Newbie-Help with Nazi nightmare

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Hey All,
I am new here and new to the idea of lucid dreaming. I am in a film class at my high school and we watched Waking Life. A few days and lots of hours of research later and I have decided the lucid dreaming could get me over my scariest and most common reoccuring nightmare. In which I am being pusued by a nazi and am shelaterd by someone or something that symbolizes strength usually physical. This dream is the first dream I can remember ever having and I have been having it since I was very young, around seven. The swatstica (sp) is always promeniant, even before I knew much about it. I remember learning of the holocaust, seeing the swatstica for the fist time and finding it curious that the bad guy from my dream was on the TV. Anyway, I have a long way to go as I am currently remember only about 1 dream every three or four nights. However usually when I remember a dream it is in great detail. I just have one question. Well, I guess that is it for my intro I am sure I’ll have more questions later. Thanks!
Jenny :smile:

welcome jenny, i’m sure you’ll find this forum extremely informative and helpful. have a good time :happy:

welcome to the forum, i hope we see more of you and your progress with Lucid Dreaming. You’ll be conquering your nightmare before you know it, hopefully everyone else and I can help you do it. :content:

I had that nightmare with the nazis again … it was the most intense I have ever had. But, I think I made my self have it… is the possible. I don’t think it was Lucid because I think I did it before I ever went to sleep. I was at my boyfriends house and I was talking to him about it and we got to wondering if I could even have it whle I was there as I usually don’t enter any kind of deep sleep because I fight to stay in control of my body as I am a blanket theif with a guilty conscience. So anyway, I didn’t even think it possable that I’d fallen asleep when he woke me because I seemed very tense and though I wasn’t moving about or making any noise he felt that something was wrong (usually he is out like a rock all night). So, he asked if I was ok and it took me forever to get my bearings and once I realized where I was and that I was safe the dream came back to me. It was so intense, the first time I had ever been caught before usually it was always just running. I think that that is likely symbolic but I don’t know what of really. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that so luckily it was close enough to when I had to get up that I just made us a yummy breakfast. So, to get down to it I have a few questions, First, is being caught significant? Second, Do you think his presence altered the dream so it wasn’t really the re-occuring dream just simmilar (it had some major differences…) ? Finally, What do you thinkl woke him up… he is not a sixth sense kinda guy … he doesn’t really “buy” the whole LD theory… anyway, anythoughts would be appreciated as a change like this in this dream that I have had for so long is kinda scary to me…
Love :smile:
p.s. Sorry 'bout the typos …