Newbie to the forum with a question

Hi everyone!

I have been a lucid dreamer since I can remember… I used to have a recurring dream when I was about 6 and I remember being so frightened of it (a man would chase me around during my dream with a paper bag on his head - no idea what it was really about, but…) I actually stopped him in his tracks, I turned around and told him to stop chasing me in my dreams. He then proceeded to take off the paper bag off his head, apologized and walked away and that was the end of it.

So, I have lucid dreams pretty much every night, but I do have a question about what has been happening lately…

Recently, I have noticed that I will actually be in a dream state but will have my eyes open and be looking around my room but still think that I’m in my dream world… what is this? What is this called or classifed as?

For example, I just got back from a trip to Indonesia and I visited some old temples there and lately have been dreaming quite a bit about being in at temples or ruins… so I will “wake up” in my dream and be rolling over in my bed and think that my pillows and my bed are stones from the ruins… it’s almost like my dream image is superimposed onto my reality…?

If anyone can tell me what this is called or what might be happening, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s pretty cool and I’ve had this happen many times before, but not this intensely.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe you are beginning to wake up, and you are in between dreaming and WL

this happens to me a lot only thing I can figure out is that during REM your eyes are open (happens a lot to me, so I video-taped myself sleeping a few nights and my eyes were open during REM) So you are seeing both waking-lafe and dream-life at the same time.


:cool_laugh: happens to me all the time I’ll be eating something in a dream and wake up gnawing my pillow.

i remember having this dream where gold or a hamburger (this was a long time ago) was floating above my head i grabbed it and either woke up then when it was the gold and was grasping air or grabbed the burger and went to bite it and woke up biting air