newbie w/ a really big lucid dreaming/dreamwalking question.

Hello, this is my first post here. Actually, this is really my first research into the world of lucid dreaming, so please be patient w/ me and my incredibly stupid questions.

Background info: I’ve been lucid dreaming for pretty much all of my life. I’m not just talking about the “I know I’m dreaming” part, I’m talking about the “I know I’m dreaming, I’ll see where this dream wants to go…oh, wait, I don’t want it to go there, I’ll just change it to do what I want.” I know very little about lucid dreaming, but I know enough to realize that’s kind of strange that I can do that.

Why my sudden interest in learning about something I know I’ve been able to do for as long as I can remember: Usually I’d lucid dream anywhere between about 3-10 times a month, but lately I seem to be having a lot more than normal, as in 1 every 2 days. A lot of my energy seems to be going into lucid dreaming. Also…I’m not sure…but I think I’m starting to reach out to the people who sleep in my area (I live in a dormitory). I know it’s possible to enter dreams, and I haven’t yet and NOR DO I WANT TO - let me state that again in case anyone missed it: I do not feel comfortable with the idea of tapping into other peoples’ dreams. It is not a skill I want to cultivate. However, if it’s possible, I think I’m seeing where their dreams are in relation to mine - it doesn’t look like this, but a way to explain it might be kind of like a table with different boxes on it that you can’t see into and knowing that those boxes belong to other peoples’ dreams.

I don’t know what’s triggered this, but I’m kinda worried I might end up in someone else’s dream one of these days. And if I do - how do I get out without doing any damage??? That’s my main question. My other questions are: how am I doing this and are there any good books that discuss this?

Okay, the newbie is going to go away now, thanks for your time.

I don’t think entering another’s dream is going to damage the dreamer. Must people don’t think over their dreams and forgets them 10sec after they wake up. But, if you make the dream realy special the dreamer will remember it, however he will think of it as a strange dream, not something that will hunt his life. I also think you can use this for good. Let the dreamer know that his dreaming, let him be lucid, and you have a playmate in your dreams.

I don’t know hwo this entering others dream work, but that was my point of view.

May the force be with you…

I don’t think it has been proven that “entering sum1 elses dream” is possible. I know there are a lot of theories about the dream world including this one, but i havent heard of any proven facts about this. If you are willing, In the name of Science, maybe you u should try to get into sum1 elses dream as an experiment and if you know the person ask them about it the next day. This prolly would be very uncomfortable but im just suggesting it for science. Peace “lucid one”