New Induction Method

Title: Wond3rland

Short Version: Dream Desgin

Long Version…

What if… you we’re an author? Instead of an Actor. Instead of acting in yours dream, you wrote them… and starred??? Okay, okay, okay… I can seem some of your faces now, like whuuuut???

Okay what I mean non metaphorically is write your dreams. Think of scenes places, actors, sets, props, and everything. Do all you can to prepare a dream. If you draw… draw a picture. Photography… take a picture. See where I’m going with this. I titled the induction method Wond3rland because you can not only design your world, you can design your dreams… with the “un-reality” for your reality checks. What if you planted certain things in each scene. And you played out the dream every night… and every night it was the same dream that brought you into the realization that you we’re in fact dreaming. Opening up the next level of consciences.


I have taken my last Lucid Dream and decided to elaborate on it, hoping to use it as a good framework than can eliminate all my doubt. Based on the fact hey, this has already worked once.

Last time I had the lucid realization my dead dog was just hanging out chillen. I currently have a new dog that loves to fetch and play. My setting is a little personal beach my town offers that FORTUNATELY not many people know about, very personal and serene.

Back to the Dog story. I felt that playing with my dog as a designed dream would be smart. Seeing as I find alot of happiness and calming in the simplicity of it when I do it in the waking world. Now with the dead dog, I have a couple of those. So if I planted each one in the setting as well I could play with them all. Figuring that one could get a chance at jogging my memory.

As an enhancement I decided to utilize WILD imagining this all on the way to sleep. I have decided to also sprinkle other reality jerkers. Purple Grass. (My favorite Color) Anti-Gravity (Personal Favorite thing EVER) The setting is known for amazing sunsets over the water, so why not mix that with another reality jerker… multiple moons. A crazy aspect of an astral world I someday hope to explore.

Do you see how making a dream personal, or closer to your sub conscience, could enhance your ability to have successful reality checks, plus mixing it with other techniques and trying a couple time throughout the night with WBTB could have dramatic results.


Why would anyone hope to have different dreams and realize signs. Have the same one… give yourself multiple tries. I think it’s genius.

This is a great idea Wond3rland

Im going to try this out, like you said write it out in detail and draw some pictures. I guess the more effort and detail you put into it the more you are likely to dream about it. Maybe even draw a cartoon strip and go through it every night before sleeping.

Wouldn’t this be VILD? Or at least very similar?

Mew yah, I had a feeling this was similar to one. Didnt know tho. It is indeed similar, just taken to another step with a couple in depth changes made. Such as choosing a dream setting but making it more personal. Using other Lucid dreams RC and combining with other techniques can open up a greater chance of awareness in my opinion. So yah your right… VILD except better lol

Awesome… I never thought of this actually… Will try!