Nice Dream..

I had a dream last night (not a LD, I’ve never had one) but it was pretty clear for one of my dreams. I was in a big house and there was an angel holding a baby, protecting her. There were birds outside the windows, and they were making this beautiful music. The bars of music appeared on the floor. When I woke up, I realized that the angel & the baby came from 2 different books I’ve read recently. And the birds & their music came from real birds I could hear outside my open window along with my brother practicing guitar in the next room. Anyway, I guess my whole point in posting this is because I can see where my dream came from. Nevertheless, it’s kinda significant that my mind pulled out the angel & baby (which weren’t the main things in either of the books) and put them in such an image that gave me a loving, calm, safe feeling. It was very nice. I think I’ve rambled on enough for now, that’s all! :grin:

Wow! Thanks for posting that, I think that your dream is a very excellent example of the power our mind has to make abstract connections when we allow it to. Out of curiousity, what were the books? :wink: And when you say “the bars of the music appeared on the floor”, are you talking about the bars of the music as it would appear if transcribed, or a physical object in the dream?