Night 2, and I'm getting there

I don’t know if merely being sure I’ll have a lucid dream counts as MILD, but that’s what I did. I was sure I’d have one on night 1, and I was sure I’d have one on night 2, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have one tonight :slight_smile:

So I lied on my back, did the relax-every-muscle-in-turn thing, and started counting every breath. Somewhere around 300 my right hand started tingling, and by 750, I think my whole body was pretty much paralyzed, but I never “tested” anything. When I got to about 350, I stopped counting and started imagining places. I later woke up without having any dreams, though I don’t remember why.

I then tried to fall asleep “normally”, but I couldn’t. I decided to try WILD again, forgetting to relax properly, but only got to 150 before I felt hungry, so I got a little something to eat before trying some more WILD, this time getting to 140 before I sneezed and woke up. I was trying to sleep on my side until I thought I got some HI, so I decided to lay on my back and begin counting again, but I only got to 20 before the array of dots faded away. I got on my side again and tried to sleep, and it was then that I realized I had only relaxed properly thr first time.

So finally, I ended up sleeping on my front side, and I woke up with a vague memory of a dream. I think the dream involved me trying to get into a lucid dream, but failing.

Hi notstevejobs!

Did you try to increase your dream recall?

Reminds me of a dream I had a couple days ago where I was reading a book about how to lucid dream in my dream. Now that is frustrating. :cry: