Night Terrors

I’ve heard something about Night Terrors, are they different in any way from Nightmares? Maybe more intense?

I’ve heard of them Hobbes, but never experienced them. Actually, from what I’ve read, they sound an awful lot like sleep paralysis ( SP ) which doesn’t have to be scary. Here’s a LINK if you want more info. :wink:

I often used to get paralysis just before awakening, usually after I had a dream about being constricted or drowning or something. At first I hated it, but after I while I got used to it and actually found it kind of interesting. I haven’t had it happen in a long time.

I used to have night terrors when I was younger. I would sometimes wake up in my parent’s arms being confused why I’m sleeping in their arms. Sometimes in the morning they would tell me, “Are you ok? You were sooo scared last night.” I don’t remember the experience at all. :razz:

Anyways, it can be associated with SP as well. I used to be terrified of SP, but once I learned that it ain’t that bad, I never really had any type of bad SP experiences. In fact, I treat SP as my meditative trance now. :happy: It’s a great trance to be in. :biggrin:

Try turn that terrifying thoughts of SP/Night Terrors into something positive. It will help.

GOod luck my friends!

I had a rather strange experience yesterday. I was taking an afternoon nap, but right before I fell alseep (I was not sleeping yet, but wasn’t completely awake either), something happened.

With tremendous force I was pulled out of my bed, and the second I hit the floor I was pulled under it. I have never been so scared my whole life. I couldn’t move or make a sound at all, and I knew that when I would be completly under the bed, I would die a horrible death. However, I “woke up” just as I was being dragged under. Like I said this all happened with incredible force, and didn’t last longer than 2 sec, still it was scary as hell (after all I was sure I was going to die for sure, and I “knew” it wasn’t a dream).

So my question is this: was this some sort of night terror, or maybe SP? Or could it just be that this was the beginning of a “normal nightmare”?

Personally, I don’t think it was a normal dream, because I have dreamt a lot of scary shit (ghosts, monsters, dead people, aliens, you name it), but I have never felt that scared before.

That sounded like a night terror to me, Moonhunter. My brother gets them (He used to… He stopped after he quit using his Paxil.) He’d get up, walk around, and if the slightest thing touched him, or if he walked into something, he’d scream, open the door, and literally jump down the stairs. Sometimes he wouldn’t jump/run down the steps, just bump into something and start yelling. Most of the times he didn’t remember anything afterwards. My mother was afraid he’d kill himself having these Night Terrors.

Nightterrors can be bad, yes. They are not like nightmares, because the dreamer sees it like as if it was real. It is more like interactive hallusinations, that makes people act them out in real life, while being in a kind of sleep trance.

There are various variations ofcource. But the bottom line is, the person who is experiencing a night terror is feeling as if he/she is actually going through something terrible, and are experiencing it in real life.

The being pulled under the bed thing can be described as a night terror.

The thing is to not let it go in on you, just let it happen, and come to appreciate it as a mental phenomenon, and nothing more. Take a sarcastic pleasure out of it as an example of what your mind can do :smile: