I keep having a dream where someone invades my home with guns and tries to shoot me. When I wake up I am both relieved and scared at the same time. This has happened like 4 or 5 times. What do you think it means?

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There are many conclusions you could draw from this. First of all, is there a direct source in real life? Has something like this really happened to you once or to somebody you know or are gun related crimes common where you live? Are you afraid in waking life that this may happen to you?

If you can’t make any such connection, you should try to find out the intruder’s intention in your dream. What does he want from you, why is he breaking into your home and trying to shoot you? Sometimes feelings of guilt manifest in dream situations like this. It’s when your subconscious thinks you should be punished for something yet unresolved.

Only pick an explanation that really resonates with you.

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it doesn’t “mean” anything, though I do find that worries and stress about things in general ,do fester and manifest themselves in some fashion or another in our dreams. Cool thing with nightmares is, finding that inner power in yourself to conquer the thing that is after you, or that you fear.

A lot of people have different perspectives on dream interpretation, so realize what I say is just one perspective (my perspective) and I think you’ll always have the best perspective to interpret your dreams.

I’ve read discussion around reoccuring dreams/nightmares having a meaning that you’re missing. Once you figure out what it means to you, it’s likely that the dream should stop happening, because you’ve learned what you need to from it. Or, they’ll stop once you implement the needed change in your life to resolve the issues they’re about.

Some of my thoughts of the symbolism you mentioned:
Invader + attack: you feel under threat or stressed, something might be compromised
Your home: could represent family, your values, your personal life.

My interpretation would look something like this:
You have a new stress in your life or a newly noticed problem (the invader) that compromises (the attack) your closely held values (your home/self). OR:
Your sense of security is shaken regarding what you consider your territory (your home in the dream), be it emotional, ideological, or physical.

@Marvin has offered insightful reflection questions that might be helpful for you to think about this nightmare in the context of your life and situation. Without knowing you well it’s hard to interpret.
I realize this is a bit of a non-answer reply, but…what you think and believe will always have an influence on your dreams, so what do you think it means?

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