nightmares and false awakenings

Argh, the last week or so, I keep having these partly lucid nightmares where I sort of know I’m asleep. I can even see myself laying there in the darkened room. And there’s all these nightmarish creatures lurking around in the dark and something really bad is about to happen. I try to wake up or scream and can’t do anything, I’m usually just totally paralyzed. One time during one of these I had fallen asleep in the living room and my mom came through and woke me up, asking if I was okay 'cause she said my breathing was funny and I was moaning (in the dream, I was trying to scream to get someone to wake me up). Usually I do wake up after one of these but last night I don’t know if I did or not, because I kept having false awakenings. The false awakenings have become more frequent too, but aren’t nearly as bad as the nightmares. I didn’t have these until I started trying to lucid dream. I’m hoping it’s a step in the right direction. I just wish I could become fully lucid but can’t seem to take that final step. Anyone else have trouble with this stuff?

Perhaps you should start to do a RC everytime you wake up/get out of bed.This way you´d perhaps use the FAs for your advantage