nightmares imitating the current reality

so last night i’ve had a similar tormenting, taunting nightmare like i’ve had in the past. what happened is that i was in fact dreaming, asleep, unconscious. yet the dream takes place in my room at night, mocking reality. i’m being strangled by something menacing and invisible. i could swear this is reality that i’m not dreaming because i’m in my bed, paralyzed by this evil force it’s hard to breathe and impossible to move. whatever dark force this is happens to be exerting a fair amount of pressure on my throat, enough for me to panic. i call out repetitively, “no,” “stop this already” “get away from me” etc.

at this point i knew there was something wrong with reality, partially because i had these types of dreams before and another part is attributed to how real and how unreal the situation is. i now know that i am dreaming, yet i’m being attacked by a demon it seems, there’s nothing i could do, it restricted my movement, so i was calling out those words and i’m almost certain that they were yelled out physically beyond my dream. the most messed up part is i woke up (whether in my dream or irl) to have the same dream repeated over and over again.

again, i’ve had this happen before when i was in the house alone. the same dark aura and same reality, and not being able to wake up or get free. i am now wondering if anyone knows what this is. or if they’ve experienced the same thing as i am.

What you experienced is called the Old Hag phenomenon. It happens during sleep paralysis, which is a mechanism your body uses to prevent you from literally acting out your dreams. During these periods, however, you are conscious somehow and it is common to have the feeling that someone is applying pressure on your chest / sitting on it. It’s almost always terrifying. Try to get into the mindset that it is just another form of dreaming / state of consciousness that can be used to your advantage (racking up OBE’s / LD’s!). Might be easier now that you’re armed with this info! I’ll let our more intelligible members shed more light on the Old Hag thing :smile:

As the above poster said, the old hag syndrome. Have no fear; I know it seems terrifying, but try and keep your find clear of all thoughts and use mental focus to try and enter a different dream state. Don’t try to move around.

It also sounds like your having false awakenings. The more you fear, the more it will occur. If your spiritual, surround yourself with the energy of your choice, cleanse your spirit and ask for protection against any negative entities and energies.

Let us know how you progress! :content:

EDIT: On further reflection, you seem not only to be afraid of this so appearing ‘entity’, you struggle with it and assume it’s dominance. You are your own spirit, and you have your own defenses. Instead of being terrified, and yelling at it to leave you alone as if you are a victim, maintain focus.

Feel your own power course through you, become calm and unaffected. Declare fiercely: You have no power over me; I am strong, and you do not affect me. Begone, from here.

This is of course, coming from a perspective that it might actually be a negative being. It could just be the hag syndrome. Again, let us know how things progress.

Wish you the best.

i am familiar with the old hag phenomenon, my first time with it was a bit startling because i could sense a presence of someone or something right next to me in a dark room. however, the aura from this other entity in my room appeared more friendly. last night, the entity was wicked and very terrifying like a demonic aura taunting me.

on another account of a likewise occurrence, as i’ve said it happened more than once before, it was late at night and there was no one in the house but me for the entire week. i fell asleep and i was being taunted again by a dark aura, it would barely let me move, and i’m half conscious but not enough to know that it isn’t real. i managed to get out of my bed in my dark room and stagger into the hallway, the whole time my body was being weighed down by this evil presence so i was crashing into the walls trying to get some momentum to break free of the grip of this dark being that seemed like it was on the threshold of entering into our world through the portal of dreams. every time i got a certain distance away, about to exit the hallway, i’d be reverted back to the start of the hallway to go through the treachery again.

i don’t know if you would still classify this as the old hag’s doing, but maybe, it’s plausible. i mean i have nightmares alot, but these are a bit different because they take place amongst an almost identical basis of reality. not to mention, the presence with me isn’t some sweet old hag (to which i could definitely shoulder), it’s one filled with a powerful and very, very bad, ominous energy.

anyway, i do appreciate your suggestions, help and advice aquiche and dazino, i thought this would end up a dead thread really so it surprised me, thanks. i forgot all about the old hag. i think that’s because most of the time when i got to that point i would mostly feel a weight on my chest and paralyzation with the addition of an occasional mischievous spiritual energy apart from my own physical body. as a result, i never associated it with anything too negative. if the old hag is the case, then at least i can be prepared for next time.

and it would be awesome aquiche if you could get more intelligible members to share information on this and what they have experienced while they were in this state. i’m curious to know what others have happen, see, or sense with them at the time and if any of it is similar to what i’ve sensed. it’s a very good idea, i’d be looking forward to it.

you know dazino, truthfully i am kind of afraid of this presence. i’ve had more than one encounter with it and it’s very toxic, each time it’s like there is no way to win, it’s like it’s shoving my face into a lake of black suffocation night terror, i can’t move and i just drown perpetually, all the while it’s taunting me as the shadow in a room full of shadows trying to consume and extinguish the small amount of light i’m emitting. i don’t want to provoke it, and i don’t want to be victimized by it, but it’s power does scare me. i don’t actually know what to do about it. /sigh oh well. not like it can kill me. lol. instead maybe just torment me to wits end. with the time being, i guess i could attempt meditation so i can form my spiritual energy into a source of protection. maybe it will help some.

and hey, thanks again for your responses!!

seems like the old hag to me too.
sounds silly question, but… you didn’t tell us how this ends. like… do you just wake up from it finally? cause i was thinking, maybe you could keep thinking of that and of how it usually ends, because it seems to always end after a while, right? if you could concentrate on it ending, you’d probably get a feeling of it not being real. although i have never experienced anything like this (thank God, it’s pretty creepy :sad:), but i can imagine that it’s hard to grasp the fact that it’s not real when something like that is happening. but i thought that if you concentrated on it ending, maybe it would lose its point and just end. it’s like with things in life… if you allow yourself to be the victim, you are, but if you don’t and just walk away, it just resolves most of the time. so i don’t know… i hope this is at least a little helpful :tongue: but i really hope someone with actual experience of this answers you too.

Fear is an energy negative beings consume. They cannot tolerate love, joy, and fearlessness. I know it is terrifying; when faced with a power of such an evil presence, it automatically fills you with dread and self-doubt about your safety.

You have to maintain self confidence, and self love. When you encounter the evil presence, do not pay it any attention, even though it seems it is doing everything it can to harm you. Laugh, laugh and be merry. Feel happiness and your own beautiful energy course through you. Know you cannot be harmed, know you cannot be affected.

Your fear of provoking it is again giving it a sense of dominance; that it has power over you. Laugh not at it, but laugh because you are merry, laugh because you are healthy, laugh because you are the master here.

[ … &&start=75 ] <-------------- this is ld4all’s topic about SP and Old Hag, lots of people here have had similar experiences. Also given are tips to conquer the condition - and TONS of support. I’m sorry you’re having to battle this being chronically. Here’s hoping it will resolve soon!