Nightmares... non existent

If there is one thing I miss it would have to be nightmares.

I used to suffer from these as a child, I had to go to a psychatrist every week, but it didn’t help eliminating the dreams.

But ever since I started LDing I have yet to have a nightmare.

A once so common occurance, now gone, for good maybe? I don’t know, but I would really like to concur my fear of my recurring nightmare. I got my last one around the New Years of 03/04.

Waking up in a cold sweat is something I could live with out but I was never able to truely overcome my fears of my child nightmares and it’s something I’d like to personally do.

When I started going to therapy I was able to limit the dreams but never actually eliminate them, and it’s been over 1 year and 6 months since I’ve last had one.

This is a great thing but I don’t like leaving chapters of my life unclosed, I’d like to face my fear and beat it, instead of it wussing out and not showing up again.

Any ideas on what I could do?

I think you might have to be lucid first, then you could enter a big tree like in Star Wars knowing that there your worst fears are…or something similar

If the situations still unresolved, ill bet theyll come. I actually used to enjoy nightmares, because of the feeling of relief i got when i woke up. Although i still ocasionally have them i have yet to be lucid in one.