Nightmares. Something I wish I had

I really wish I had lots of nightmares. Normal people wish their nightmare would just disappear. Hoping that they’ll stop. But for lucid dreamers that’s different. A nightmare could be the easiest way to awaken in a dream. Instead of just waking up from the dream, you would just stay in the dream and do whatever you want. After you’ve kicked the monsters ass of coarse :cool: (Matrix-style). Myself, I never have nightmares. They are very rare for me. So that’s why I wish I had more nightmares. Then I could have more DILDs which I hardly ever have.

The concept of you wanting a nightmare is interesting to me. I have LDed for as long as I can remember without trying or ever really knowing what I was doing was special :eh: . In a way I agree with why you want one. In a way I don’t. I know why you want one beccause LDs get a little boring :eek: when you are so good at it. I disagree in this logic: Is an LD not the ability to control a ND :bored: ? In that case make your own nightmare :content: . But first let’s ananlyze just what a nightmare is :eh: . Nightmares are different for everyperson. Therefore each and every one of us has a different interpertaion of what one really is. So, with that in mind, here is MY interpertaion. What a nightmare is to me is this: a dream where you are pitted against seemingly over whelming odds, an un-beatable opponent , or a situation that has no possible possitive outcome. In such a nightmare people experiance loss or impairment of basic motor skills such as vision, hearing, or the ability to make fast actions. This disability adds to the fear and perile of the situation :panic: . This is one type of nightmare. Having said this technically, you can no longer have nightmares. Sorry, but once you achieve lucidity it’s over for the nightmares :grin: . Now, if what you want is to fight someone…then THAT you CAN do. Simply create some one(I personally like fighting Mew-Tai of Sharks :sly: ) you hate OR like…then kick their asses :lmao: . It’s that simple. Hope I helped :roll:

I agree…I noticed that when I have nightmare somehting seems to trigger my mind into wondering whats going on…there by make my wither Lucid…or forcing myself to wake up (gotta quite that)

Unforgiven Killer…then why not try thrusting your hand through your chest :eek: ? I you can(would you should be able to) It should tell you you are dreaming :cool: . Just try your best to remain calm okay :wink:

I haven’t had a nightmare for years. I have heard though that having a cold temperature in your room will give you nightmares. Another thing you could do is repeat to yourself “i am going to have a nightmare tonight” the same way you do it with remembering and having LDs. But to make it more sucessful you could make up the setting and people before you fall asleep-that way it is easier for your sub-conscious to start the dream with that. perhaps you could also have an ending that you think will happen and it probably will.

Nice advice alex :content: . OR :blush: , you could just creat the whole damn nightmare out of will. Why go through the other stuff like setting the temperature of a room when you can just MAKE :cool_laugh: the nightmare happen? Remember…you can do that in an LD :wink:

Well nightmares are representations of fears that we have in real life. So, dealing with them in a peaceful way is much better than fighting with them, because it helps us dealing with the same problems in real life much better… Here’s a link with more info… OVERCOMING NIGHTMARES

But Zaerus :neutral: If I were to will the nightmare… Wouldn’t I already be LUCID!!! I don’t want to have nightmares for the fun of it. I want them to make me lucid. So once I’m lucid there is no point to making the dream a nightmare. That would really be pretty pointless.

Many of my dreams have nightmare/horror like images like chopped off heads, evil creatures, blood & guts etc. :uptosomething:

But during the dream (and after) it does not feel terrifying at all. It’s just there like the ‘normal’ dream stuff. Very good dreamsigns, but it hasn’t worked for me like that (yet).

The last nightmare I had was almost ten years ago. If you would read it, it would not seem a nightmare at all. But it was horrible. :sad:
It is all about how a dreams feels and not about the actual setting.
At least for me it is…

Wow, that is exactly what I was going to say. But I haven’t had a nightmare in over ten years. I’m not sure if lucidity has anything to do with it. I’ve only been activly trying to LD for a little over 5 years. Before then I had LD’s, but I didn’t know they had a “name” or what they were.

I once wished the same thing. I want a nightmare. A nightmare to me is spontanious, out of my control and gets your adrenalin pumping. It is the safe and fun fear you get from a horror movie. but I’m not having any :sad: Could you imagine the LD potential in dreams like these. They could be very adverturous and exciting.

I think people that don’t have nightmares have a higher “dream awareness.” You may have heard LD’ers complain of false lucidity. All of my dreams seem to be FLD’s. In these dreams you mention and talk about lucidity, you may even mention that your surroundings are a dream, but you just don’t quite become “lucid” and say to yourself “but this IS a dream.” It is hard to explain, I’m sure even harder to understand if you haven’t experienced FLD’s, but you know exactly what I’m talking about if you have.

Maybe the nightmare deficient have this level of awareness in their dreams. They realize that it is a dream, but aren’t quite lucid. Ah, I have a great example dream of mine:

[size=92]I was flying superman-style down a path in a snow-covered forrest. The path looked like a “power-line trail.” I was FLD’in. I knew I was dreaming, but my consciousness hasn’t “taken control.” As I flew over the snow, I got the impression that I was flying over a recent avalanche. I sensed that many many people were buried under this snow. It was a residential area. I began seeing limbs and parts of people. I then noticed that recovery teams had begun to line bodies up for identification. I then spotted a scarf in the snow that reminded me of my Mom’s. I flew down and hovered above the scarf. I then noticed my dead mother was lying next to it. By then, not suddenly, I was fully lucid. I looked around and seen my Dad and brother close by and stiff in the snow. They all had the stiff look of death and their faces looked shruken with their mouths wide open. I wasn’t scared or disturbed at all. I was fully aware that it was a dream, my parents are safe IRL, and I did not make the mistake in thinking that this dream is precognitive of my future. Not a nightmare, and no fear whatsoever. Maybe slight sadness in facing what is all of our fate. In fact, I took advantage of this opportunity and examined their dead bodies. I gently touched my Mother’s face and it was very real, stiff, and cold. I seen my Dad had the most horible “death face” as his mouth seemed to be very wide open and stiff. The dream memory fades.[/size]

The nightmare-ish images of my dead family was enough to raise my awareness pass the lucidity level. After waking up I realized how semi-lucid I was during the whole dream, but it was after a truly disturbing picture where I questioned my true reality, and made the correct conclusion. I was safe in a dream.

That could not be more true, “I was safe in a dream.” That dream sounds like a nightmare when awake.

Well my last nightmare was just two days ago. I have them very rarely, but I wonder if it was the glass of milk I had before going to sleep (maybe, maybe not :eh: ).

The dream started off very normally, but became scarier and scarier. I was woken up before the end.
Briefly: It was Blair-Witch style. I was exploring a red-brick house which seemed quite normal from the outside. Inside it was very dark and full of cobwebs. There were doors which were made from woven reeds (also covered in cobwebs) and I didnt even want to touch them with my bare hands. I went through several rooms using a stick to open the doors and each room was a bit scarier than the last. The final one (which I was in when I was woken up) had a really high ceiling with some black straggly figures hovering above me. I was searching for two keys, but these figures were telling me that I would not get the keys. :cry:

I was very relieved when my two-year old daughter woke me up!

I’ve always been able to Lucid Dream, and although Nightmares are often a useful trigger (the equivalent of my subconcious giving my brain a good kicking and shouting ‘You’re dreaming, dammit!’), it can sometimes be irritating.

Especially in a Nightmare setting, just after I’ve achieved lucidity, I have a habit of thinking ‘Wow! I have complete control! That means that whatever I think will happen, will actually happen! Oh…that means that if I think something bad will happen, it will…Oh, damn! What the Heck is that?!’

Of course, I can usually take care of whatever it is, but it wastes valuable time that I might have otherwise have used to continue one of my on-going LD projects or experiments.

We share nearly same experiences/thoughts…

Kaosia : I try to have nightmare to induce a LD too, (reality check is so boring)
Zaerus : LDs get a little boring when you are so “good” at it, agree with you
Unforgiven_Killer : when I am in a bad situation something seems to trigger my mind into wondering whats going on, same for me
DreamAddict : I understand/dream this weird situation you are talking about :smile:

LucidityX1000 : I don’t think my nightmares mean something, I just want powerful opponents to confront , I want to live special adventures not to live my real life , I search for opponent not to resolve a daily problem :wink:
Zaerus : “simply” create some one… but I want a really powerful foe not a mere super man :cool_laugh:

Aikanaro : maybe you can send me one of your LD Aikanaro? I will be so pleased to read a fabulous LD other than my LD :cheesy:

Well to all the ppl that want nightmares…

Here’s the recipe…
works only if you dont smoke…

Put the strongest dossage of a nicotine patch on your lower back…
Make sure you get the grease of your skin by using 70% of alcohol…
Go to sleep…and you will have a veryyyyyyy longggggggg
Nighmare…and the most intense dream ever…

Beware…nicotine is addicting and a poison…
So this is only for those who really really want to have one…

Believe me it aint no fun then anymore…lol!
And it didnt made me lucid… :happy:


Hmmm…your post will propably make me spend some cash Jeffi:)
Ive been trying to find myself in a nightmare for a long time and so far nothing ever worked.I eat spicy food,heavy food,whatever i can put my hands on…nothing:(
So i might try patches.Hope it works.

Remember Jack,

i dont smoke siggarettes, so iam not used to nicotine…
If u smoke maybe the patches will have a lighter effect on you then they did on me…It happend that i forgot to take a patch of me and fall a sleep…wow it was ten times the nighmare i ever had…so real…and so intense…really wow…but remember i dont smoke…

Grtz to my friend the sexgod…Jack!


Heh heh…sorry but I won’t have ot endure that to have a nightmare. I make my own ^^

I read a theory once that suggested nightmares occur outside of REM sleep (the normal time for dreaming). Another theory is that nightmares result when the mechanism our brains that disguises reality/creates our dreamsymbols is SLACKING (or somehow malfunctioning)

After reading all these posts, I wonder if there is some sort of inverted relationship between having nightmares and the ability to recognize and control one’s dreams…When you think about it, lucid dreaming is a sort of connection between our conscious and unconcsious minds–we are making a conscious journey through our unconscious, so to speak. Come to think of it, I haven’t had a real NASTY nightmare in awhile, either…and I have been experiencing more lucid dreams over the past few years…anyone notice a similar pattern?

I have that anima. Except fear is judged by your inability to control something. And since I can control my dreams to some extent I lost that certain aspect of it. But I can still create crazy situations for me…and I die sometimes in my dream. But it’s not really scary anymore…at least in the literal sense. :wink: