I’ve already had one low level LD, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been having a lot more nightmares since I’ve started trying to become Lucid.

I used to LD a lot back in middle school, then in high school I started to smoke pot and stopped having any dream recal. Well, I’ve quit smoking and have been reading up on LD’s. I’ve been remembering my dreams for a while since I’ve quit, but as I’ve said, since I’ve been trying to become Lucid my Nightmares have increased. I don’t care that much, as I’m weird and actually enjoy them (Fun house effect), I was just wondering if this is at all normal.

I guess if you enjoy them it’s normal. They can’t be too scary nightmares if you can enjoy them.

I think it’s normal! :happy: enjoy!

but, maybe you can try sleeping on your stomach, or a different position.
Do you sleep with any music or televisions on that could influence your dreams?

I usually leave the TV on, but with the volume off. And as a matter a fact the scarier the better. My favorite video game is Silent Hill if that tells you anything.