I am new here and i am new to LD. Infact i have just heard of LD and found this website today. I realy want to have a LD and am very willing to try. But i keep having worries. For instance, I keep thinking that i might start the dream in the dark or start seeing one of my fears staring me in the face or near a corner. I have a lot of fears from Clowns to spiders to Chucky the doll to any horror movie monsters and once i get them in my head i cant get them out. I especially dont want to be alone in a room with one of them. Do you have any words of incouragement? Thanks.

This should never discourage you from LD’ing. :smile:
In my case the contrary happened: I had many fears (problem similar to you, couldn’t get it out of my head), and I was also scared of having nightmares. After I found out about LD’ing, I became more familiar with my dreams, and I haven’t had a real nightmare since then. (about year and a half ago…) And somehow after understanding that I may have control over my dreams, I’m also able to control my fears, knowing that if I really experience something scary, it’d be a dream.

I hope this will encourage you :smile: Good luck!

You can use LD’ing to stop yourself from having nightmares. And if are having a nightmare and then see a monster, you have a number of choices:

  • Act towards it kindly (it’ll probably then transform into something unthreaening then)
  • Fight and kill it
  • Make it disapear

Thx to Mystic we know what sciencist say about it:

 "In basic terms we can say that the appearance of a hostile, threatening DC may reflect, in symbolic form, an internal psychological conflict. The threatening character is often the personification of a 'dissociated', a 'repressed' or an 'isolated' subsystem of the personality. The effect of settling a dialogue with the DC peaceably is to cause the originally isolated system to come into communication with other systems and eventually be integrated into the total personality."

Additionally- theres much higher risk of encountering your fears in non-ld and then you have no influence or forms of defense.Once in ld you`re completely safe- everything there is changable in thought speed up to your likings.

good luck.

That quote was stolen right outta EWLD, ya know :wink:. Or at least, the basis behind it.

Thanks. I feel better about LDing and i want to get started right away. But im still worrying about sleep paralysis and meeting the old hag. I have had dreams (not lucid) where im paralyzed and something is coming closer and closer and i know its coming to kill me or torture me painfully so i try to yell out for help only to find that i cant. Its one of the worst feelings in the world! I try to yell for help or yell go away but im so scared that it gets caught in my throat and comes out as gargles. I usualy wake up all sweaty and shaking by the time it gets at least a foot away from me.

The way I discovered lucid dreaming is through nightmares. I would be used to the patterns of my nightmares( the only dreams I remembered because I woke up from them) so I’d know I was dreaming, I would just close my eyes and wake myself up but once I did some research on lucid dreaming I confronted the antagonist of one nightmare and stopped having them so often. Sometimes before bed I’ll watch a scary movie in hopes I’ll have a nightmare which I can take control of and enjoy another LD.

I have not had much problem with nightmares for a while because when i was a young kid i would have nightmares so bad that it was not abnormal for me to wake up crying and screaming, so in short, Im used to it to a point where normally scary settings are relaxing to me. But i have had some LD’s get close to nightmares. Its so easy to get out of them because you stop and realize whats going on and realize youre safe. Ive even before flat out told the person who says they are going to hurt me to go for it because they cant do anything to me. Another cool thing is that for me now because of LD’ing whenever things get close to being a nightmare that actually makes me lucid so i dont even really have to worry about it.

That’s the same as me. I would consistantly have the same nightmare multiple times so I learned to recognise it and wake myself up from it. Then I said “I wish this never happened” in the dream and it changed completely and i haven’t had the nightmare since.

Nowdays I simply hug anything scary in my dreams and they turn into something significantly less threatening and hug me back. Nightmares aren’t a worry anymore.

I seldom have nightmare and I just learn LD because its really cool and interesting.

I have had 2 LD so far and a few not too lucid ones, but recently I had a kinda nightmare, I was being chased and I hid in a room and try to lock the door, I couldn’t do it and then I realize it is because I am afraid I couldn’t lock the door, I try to relax and “think” that the door will lock and it really did :happy: