Is it weird that I enjoy bad dreams? :meh:

nope, to each his own, as my mother would say:)
Each person is different, therefore your tastes may be different. Does that mean its bad? No, not at all… until you get to hurting others >.<

Haha. I just for some strange reason enjoy the thrill of getting chased, etc.
I don know why, I just do… lol.

I like nightmares as well because I realise that I am dreaming in them most of the time, and I agree they are thrilling :grin:

Btw sorry i didnt reply to PM so long, i was writing that big experiment post :razz:

Well then they aren’t technically bad dreams now are they? :wink:

Ive never had one nightmare in my whole life, not even as a rugrat. I kinda want to have them because usually nightmares have recurring themes so you could easily become lucid by recognising them.