Last night I had a dream that i was in a mental hospital ( NO I wasn't locked up there just looking at the people who were  :bored: ) Anyway one of the doctors was mad and pushed me into one of the lil cell things and locked the door ( the door was like an electric forcefeild) and he pushed me against the back wall and started pushing a knife up into my stomach it felt extremly real and painfull and real but then I was saying to myself it's a nightmare and I don't have to put up with this as I control the dream. I closed my eyes and tryed to stop him stabbing this but he was still slicing away at my guts then I woke up. As I knew I was dreaming why couldnt I stop him from attacking me?

cringes that dream doesn’t sound fun at all :neutral:

but i’ve found that it takes more than the simple realization that i’m dreaming to make everything bend to my will. some things bend some don’t. i dunno if that’s a recurring dream or not but i hope you figure out how to make that one bend, good luck

I have had nightmares my entire life, people chewing my arms, worms digging into my feet, leeches stuck in my mouth, family members trying to kill me, re-occurring nightmares of being dragged into a closet or followed by a stranger, you name it. Control in these dreams is often out of question, you just have to “enjoy” it if you can’t run away (good luck with that one…). I suggest just waking up yourself (something you will eventually learn after many nightmares).

When I was small sleep was a living hell, one night without a nightmare was really rare. At the age of 10 or something I got really upset and decided to put an end to it all. Instead of going to sleep afraid of a nightmare, I thought of all the worst things I could imagine, decissive to have the worst ever nightmare (and I had many) but was no longer afraid of them.

At this point in my life I rarely do have a nightmare that frightens me, usually I become lucid as I have learnt to recognise these as dreams, and if it becomes too bad I wake myself up. However, I can tell you something good, that digging knife in your guts is just one end of the spectrum. It only shows your capacity to create real emotions, even those you haven’t experienced. There is the other end of the spectrum, pleasure, and the more pain you can feel, the more pleasure you can feel. Unfortunately this is just more rare…


LaBerge argues that lucidity could be the ultimate way to deal with nightmares. If you become lucid in the middle of a frightening nightmare, you can use this ability to change the nightmare into a more pleasant dream. According to LaBerge, the best thing you can do when you become lucid in such a situation is to overcome your fears and to face your opponent. If you’re highly lucid you’ll recognize instantly that your nightmare isn’t real, no matter how bad it is. The fear you feel is real yes but it is based upon an illusion.
Once you realize this you must try to change the nature of your opponents. These nightmarish creatures are products of your mind and since they are deformed and distorted they must represent some trauma or emotional problem of yourself. That’s why you need to talk to your opponents. To destroy them seems like fun, but it doesn’t solve anything. If you talk to them you’ll notice that they’ll start to change. No matter how evil your opponents are, if you really see them as DCs who are actually crying for attention they’ll change always. If they first appeared like enormous giant slime monsters, you’ll see that they will start to shrink or become quite normal, because basically they are just unbalanced parts of yourself who need a little affection and attention instead of ignorance. When they’ve become normal you can start a conversation or ask about his motives or how he feels.
It’s pretty difficult though to let your fears go, even when you’re highly lucid. But it’s definitely worth the effort. If you can reconcile with your opponents in a gently way you have healed yourself mentally by solving an emotional problem or overcoming a trauma.
I managed to do this only once: I was running like hell from an opponent who appeared to be a creepy little disfigured creature. He found me anywhere, no matter where I ran. Suddenly I became lucid and I remembered the cure, so I turned around and met him face to face. It was pretty scary at first, but I tried to show some love towards this creature. Suddenly he changed into a jockey. I asked him how he was doing and something about his horse. Then we said goodbye and I gave him a big hug. I woke up feeling wonderful fresh with warm tingling feelings inside my head.

that’s very interesting mystic. i don’t have what i would call nightmares, so i usually overlook nightmare threads as not pertaining to me. but i find this idea of treating your enemies with loving kindness very interesting. probably the best solution.

Sorry I’m so late to reply, but thanks for the help everyone!

I’m going to remember this because I seem to be having nightmares quite often recently :sad:

just wondering, did you ever have an operation IRL on the place the docter stabbed you?

erm…no, the place was really futuristic and the walls and floor were made of some weird greeny blushing stuff that looked almost as if it was melting and flowing. And people were kept in the lil cell things through forcefeilds! Never been anywhere like that before :tongue:

Yeah I agree with the people that are saying that you need to confront your fears while dreaming. I say that because my sister and have been at each others throats lately, kind of a third party battle using a friend as a messenger. Well I had a dream about her last night and guess what. The two of us squared off for a yelling match. But when I started to express my point of view the mood of the dream started to lighten. I woke up feeling better about the situation. :nodnodwinkwink:

ah that’s not what i meant, i meant have you irl ever been operated on your body on that same spot?

oo0h feels like an idiot… But anyway no i have never even had an operation before :eh:

ah ok.

reason is i can relate if that would be the case. Have had nightmares with stabbing and bowling balls falling out of the ceiling on my stomach and couldnt do anything to stop them. I’ve been operated on when i was a baby (3 weeks old) and my strong suspection is that i wasn’t properly narcosed and i felt them doing it cringe. Anyway i have developed the willpower to stop those nightmares by either willing to wake up, either real mad willing it to stop, go away, call for the light to help me etc.
But sometimes i do have those dreams when somebody is poking me in my belly and i cannot shout or yell or do anything about it and it hurts real bad. By pure willpower i can then stop it, mentally pushing them away.