NILD, nuber induced lucid dream. Suggestions for improvement are appreciated! The basic idea is to separate the day from the night. Perhaps it is better to consistently maintain a continuous lucidity, but as long as i am trying this new technique, i have to believe it works, otherwise it would not work. :tongue: The technique is reminiscent of MILD. Here the mantra is “I’ll remember that I am dreaming!” I was thinking that it would be easier to remember something specific. for example, I have a day something in the head, that reminds me that it’s day. almost like a knot in the handkerchief. in the evening I try to forget it and replace it with something else, the thing that will remind me that I’m dreaming.
for me, numbers suit very well.
I have a list of four-digit numbers. today in the morning I looked at the list and noted 5772. Whenever I do a RC, I remember that I have saved the “day number”.
I just must be careful that my critical consciousness doesn’t suffer.
Today, before going to bed I can save the next number automatically and forget the old. This is then the night-nubmer and whenever I remember it, I am lucid. The next morning I’ll find another number. my opinion, it is important that there is not only one day and one night number, but that each time a new, “untainted” is taken.

That doesn’t sound half bad ^^
For the random generation of numbers, I would suggest you try alternating (each day) between computer generated numbers, and numbers you just think of at the moment, to see which ones works out best. Good luck :content:

thank you. i will also experiment with the length of the numbers, that seems to be an important factor. the longer the number the longer it takes to learn it, and the easier you can forget it when you take the next one. we’ll see :wink:

It sounds like an interesting and useful technique. I’ll try this over the week to see how well it works. :grin:

thanx, hopefully it works! you just have to be confident. i posted it in another forum and some people didn’t even understand what i meant, one, who tried it, had sucess in the first week :tongue:

Ok, so you create a day number, and then before going to bed, a new night number. And when you do an RC do you recall the number, or physically pull it out? And when you wake up in the morning do you replace it again? sounds interesting…I might try my own variation on this.

i dont understand :sad:

it’s not that difficult. xanthier did explain it very good whith this few words. but well, when you don’t understand it it’s probably not the best technique for you :tongue:

I’m in class, so to make this brief…

I really want to try this…

Let’s not jump to conclusions. I read your post over and over, and I still don’t get it. Your explanation is very confusing. It sounds like it could work, but I’m confused as hell right now.

When I wake up, I get a code for the day? Whenever I do a reality check I’m supposed to recall that code? And right before I go to sleep, I memorize a new code that represents that it’s night time, and when I RC in a dream, I’m supposed to recall the night time code? Wouldn’t that be the same as DILD? And couldn’t you reason to yourself while dreaming that the night code is actually the morning code, thus impeding lucidity?

I’ve done this a bit differently, by accident. I just write a day number on my hand and look at it periodically throughout the day, I even forgot to do a night number. But when I was dreaming I thought to look at my hand and it wasn’t the right number, in fact, it didn’t even look similar, it was across the whole hand instead of the middle and probably not even in my handwriting.

this is a good idea. have other people tried this with variations on what you remember, like words? i’ve tried focusing on phrases when i’m about to go to sleep.

i like that the day and night numbers are different:
day helps you get in the habit of checking
night number lets you know you’re dreaming

yes, you actually DID understand it :razz: but of course you are supposed to recall the number first and then do the rc but it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that you get lucid somehow.

DILD describes every lucid dream that is induced while dreaming, so, yes, it is practically the same. i would say it is a variation of MILD.

you also yould reason to yourself that it is normal to have six fingers.

LOL. Good point. I guess I’ve never done that yet, though I have failed RCing my hand and counting fingers on BOTH hands. I’ll give it a shot.

Hey, Ive had 2 LDs in my life so far (both radom) this technique looks really good, gonna try it tonight… Lucky #2197 :smile: