nintendo 3DS homies

to all those who own the new 3DS - chat about gamez,trix and friend code exchange

i cannot find a post like this so ill assume im the first.

ok im looking for a good online multiplayer game , suggestions ?

a warning to all those thinking of buying splintercell for their 3DS - dont :smile: .

and my FC - 4983-4976-5023

mine is: 1289-8242-5058

I’ve not played SplinterCell, but have thought about it until now :wink:

I sure am loving Zelda in 3D!

Does the 3D look any good?

I think it’s personal preference. Personally, I think it does. But setting it too high makes my eyes feel like they’re gonna pop out. :razz:

I also prefer to not have the 3D on maximum all the time. I think its something you have to train yourself to enjoy at extended times. It seems its easier to fool the brain to perceive depth than it is for the “pop out” effects. Although I’ve measured some things to reach out >3 inches from the screen! It seems to only get better with time, and a 4 hour Zelda session is nothing but pure bliss!! Now that my eyes are more acquainted.

I tried a 3DS in the shop once (Myself have a DSi), and my eyes got so sore almost immediately :sad:. I admit it was on the highest grade, so that might have been it. I prefer non 3D actually, but if they will make the new Pokémon games on 3DS then I have no choice then to save money to get one (they already have a free 3D projector of Pokémon on the 3DS, that looked kinda cool).

I love the blue version of the 3DS :smile:.

im saving up to get a 3DS, can someone here tell me the best features? oh, and if you can take 3d pictures (the first game im getting DEFINETLY zelda) then luigis mansion ill tackle next.

Yeah you can definitely take 3D pictures. They’ve also added on netflix to the american eshop, and I hear they’re going to bring out 3d movies.

And Wulf, the blue one is totally awesome <3 But yes, the 3d on the highest definitely hurts the eyes.