nintendo (split from photo topic)

It is a Tv, I’m guessing he’s playing on a Gamecube :razz:

I never have and will have GameCube, I only have N64, PS1+2 and SNES.

But you will have the Revolution… right? RIGHT? :razz:

Eh? :eh:

Nintendo Revolution, new console…

Click Me

Oh, okay.
/me doesn’t know much about console games :neutral:
So I was right, then! :content:

Well, not really. I’m not so much into Nintendo anymore… :sad:

But the revolution is gonna be great! Revolution-(ary)! Especially the controller, it’s brilliant…

I’m glad nintendo takes initiative in gameplay instead of graphics…

points at microsoft and sony

Yeh thats true…alot of nintendo games are more gameplay than graphics…espiecally zelda ocarina of time…best game ever made…although the controller on the gamecube is horrible…a good microsoft and sony game is prince of persia sands of time… but zelda all the way