No control in dreams

I have had LDs since a long time. But I didn´t know that a dream where I become aware of dreaming is called LDs. However, I cant do anything with it, because it is not possible for me to do some things like flying or teleporting to another setting.
Its like I have no control of the dream and can only watching me doing some strange things.
The most obvious fact are my trys to fly. I can jump higher than in normal life and im also able to glide a few meters, but it is not feasible for me to rise or to fly longer distances. If I want to fly I must search for a high building and jump of it, but that costs much time of the dream.

I don´t think that this is because I have no practice. Therefor I have had too many LDs…

Maybe you can give me some tips how I can fly successfully and perhaps how I get control over dreams.

I think your problem may be that you have doubts that you can fly. You truly believe all you can do is glide short distances. You have to commit to the idea of flying. If you believe that you can do it, and put yourself in an all or nothing situation then it should become possible to fly successfully.

If you find it too difficult to make yourself believe you can fly, convince yourself you can fly with the aid of an object (i use a broom). As it is, i am unable to fly without my broom, but when i have one i can do all sorts of things (such as even play Quiddich in some cases)