No control in lucid dreams

The other night i did a reality check in one of my dreams, i quickly realized that i was dreaming and thought to myself “Okay, I’m dreaming, i can do whatever i want!” I tried to walk around, but i couldn’t even move. It was like my dream self was suddenly frozen. I became frustrated, and don’t remember if i fell out of lucidity, or just woke up after that. Either way, i’m very confused now. Everything I’ve read about lucid dreaming made it seem like it was natural to do things such as look at your hands or walk around. What happened?

Lucidity and dream control are two different things.
You have to keep in mind that lucid dreams are very different from reality, and your brain needs to get used to their nature.
In fact, it’s very common to have no control at all over certain things in your first lucid dreams, since you have this mental block that tells you how things “normally” work in real life.
Say for example that you have a lucid dream where you’re standing in front of a mirror, and you decide to jump through it - the dream will feel a lot like real life, so you will inevitably feel that you might just break the glass and get hurt.
Same with flying - in real life you can’t fly, so you might not fully believe that you can do it during a lucid dream.

Lucid dreams take practice and experience, just like everything else.
I recommend that you spend your first lucid dreams on just getting used to the dream environments, like walking around and looking at things and touching things.

At first it is difficult to control the LD’s you have. Dream control will come with time and experience. You might want to read this guide:

Next time try not to get frustrated when you can’t move and rather stay calm and relax. Then try to carefully move your body, try to look around your surroundings, look at your hands, remember your LD goals. That will stabilise the dream.

watch the movie matrix, in dreams everything works like if you were the chosen one

You just have to know that you are in control of the dream, not the dream in control of you. Once you realize that, you should have no problems.

Sounds like an unstable dream. I have wilded in the early evening and found it be very hard to move onnce in the dream. Did You stabilize the dream once lucid?

I have the same problem. I had some control in my dream but it was unstable and I couldn’t hang on to what was going on around me. Either that or I get too excited and wake up :open_mouth: