No Control

OK, I had this really cool lucid dream but I couldn’t control it! I mean, I KNEW I was dreaming, but I couldn’t keep myself from doing all the usual stupid stuff.

Here’s what happened:

I was in a large neighborhood with large red and beige houses. But the thing is I KNEW I was dreaming, but I couldn’t control what I was doing, it was like a normal dream. I walked up to the first house I saw and opened the door. There stood a fox woman in a purple bathrobe who invited me in for breakfast. I then tried to turn into a werewolf, but all that happened was my clothes became tie-dyed. After eating some pancakes I ran outside and attempted to fly, but I only managed to jump up and down like a moron in the middle of a street. I finally gave up trying to fly and woke up. I didn’t want to, because I was so close to true lucidity.
When I got back to sleep I dreamed I was on an airplane. The place was rather cramped and ugly-looking; everything was an eggshell color and the emergency exits were all opened as we flew. I sat down next to this old man with a thick mane of hair and beard, who the stewardess kept calling ‘Roosevelt’. When we finally arrived at our destination, we got out into a huge white room the size of a supermarket with several long red conveyor belts and a dozen Oompa-Loompas at each belt. On the belts were several cookies. Willy Wonka was also there and he told us not to eat any of the cookies. I was running around trying to absorb everything, and sampling a few cookies that we could eat. But the old man who I sat by accidentally ate one and he was forced down a tube by several Oompa-Loompas.

Does anyone know how to counteract this?

I think this was some sort of ULD. Which probably means you are close to getting lucid for real.

Dream control is the next step…Der… Lucid doesn’t necessarily = control…


but I couldn’t control what I was doing

It’s not about controlling enviroment or stuff, but controlling yourself, so really, I doubt it was actually a LD =x

It is hard to say. I know that in your dream you said that you were dreaming, but did you really understand that you were dreaming? It sounds to me like you might have since you said you were dreaming and then tried to use some dream skills. I would say you might have had a low level lucid dream. Next time you realize you are dreaming try to anchor your dream using any of the prolonging techniques or increasing lucidity techniques.

Control does come in time. The more lucid dreams you have the better you will learn to control them.

Confidence also plays a big role in dream control as well. If you try to fly, but you do not really believe that you can, then it is likely that you will fail.

Keep practicing because you are getting there. :good:

For some people (I’m one of them) controlling LDs isn’t easy. Try different methods of controlling things, such as verbal commands. Also work with easier things first like opening a door and controlling what you see on the other side.

I’m at the same stage as you, my 1st LD was a ULD(and was good, but i cant remember that well), and my 2nd was either ULD or low lvl LD.

An ULD ain`t a LD
Or ?

True, ULD are near misses :tongue:

You said you realised you were dreaming therefore this is a ‘true lucid dream’.