no dream body

i tried to search or this topic before posting but not real success.
and internet is really slow.
I recently reawakened my ld practice.
these days I have many long epic movie dreams. I just watch
a deam like you watch a movie. a nice plot and also sound tracks etc.
2 out of 3 ld recent successes were without a body. I tried to
rub my hands but didn.t have any hands to rub.
Is there a trick to fix this?

Welcome bks! :welcome:

Heh, like you said to rub hands first you need to have a body.

I don’t have much experience with this because I only had a few dreams like that and those weren’t LD but NLD.

You should firstly wish for a body, or better to order a dream to give you a body. That requires a certain level of lucidity and experience but I think that with more lucid dreams you will get there.

Anyway, good luck and welcome! :grin:

One trick I’ve done a few times when my body is somewhere else is to look at an object. A small object, mind you. Then, without thinking, I reach out to grab it. Yes, you shouldn’t be able to do that without a body, but it does work. Your mind is so used to you being able to reach out to things that it naturally puts the arms back in. It might take one or two tries, but give it ago next time you find yourself disembodied.

Alternatively, if you watch the dream like you do a movie, then there’s an even simpler solution. In your dream, just get up and walk away, as if you were actually watching a movie or tv. It makes sense, you eventually get up and walk away irl, right?

Thanks for the responses…
I will try to incorpoate the ideas.
BTW …watching a movie… is just watching in my mind.s
eye. There is no actual theatre or physical movie screen.
thanks for the quick response

Yes, I figured there was no actual screen, but what I am suggesting is to turn away from whatever you’re looking at with the expectation that when you look away, the image you are seeing will have been on a large screen.

last night…morning…I had a body and then saw a camera.
then I was in a …mind.s eye movie dream…
actually this as a trailer to be specific…
I turned away and …yes…I had a head to turn.
however…there was a loss of all scenery and senses and then I woke up.
I think that quick movements will work…maybe jumping inside…
but who wants to jump into a movie trailer with vampire women waiting to trick you…
In anycase…It is something I think I can work with now.
bhikkhu subhuti

I thought it would be good to give an update.
I have been reading Michael Raduga’s free book SOBT

I was surprized to find out that LD and OBE were the same.
According to Leberge, they fall into WILD, false awakenings and
the one and two body methods.
However, many practitioners get LD’s as a side effect.

The technique is to focus on awakenings during the last few hours of sleep rather than dream recall and journaling. I have found it to leave me less tired.
Long story short…
I have had success.
And strange enough…full circle…the advice given here was also
correct…I had a success by intending movement when just scenery
was in front of me.
Thanks again…