No dream control :(

I’ve had 19 lucid dream now, but all I’m able to do is walk around. I don’t have any dream control. One time I managed to fly for almost one second. :smile:
I read topics about dream control and everyone says it’s all about imagination and expectation, but is there a way to ‘train’ imagination and expectation? What am I doing wrong?

Also almost all of them lasted shorter than 30 seconds, regardless of constant RCing and other ways to make a lucid dream longer.
After how many LD’s were you able to actually acomplish something?
Thank you! :help:

Have you a short list of things you would like to do? It is helpful, since you don’t have to wonder about what to do in the dream.
eg ask a dream character a pre-planned question,
morph something into something else. etc

Best to have a short list. Also try to stabilise the dream by rubbing your hands together, do another RC [I love finger through palm one]

Do something? I think 5th timeI became lucid.

7th LD I floated for longer. [click lucid leap in my sig for all my LDs if interested]

@Moogle Thank you for your advice! I do have a short list with three things I’d like to do, but haven’t been able to do any of them properly yet. I’ll try rubbing my hands together again.
The finger through palm one doesn’t work for me though, each time try it in a dream my finger won’t go through my palm and it frustrates me. But I’ll add some new RC’s :lol:
Tonight I had my 20th lucid dream, though it only lasted five seconds I did enjoy it really much and each time I’m amazed by how real everything is. :content:

Yes, just becoming lucid is so awesome! :yay:

Congrats on your 20 LDs :thumbs: