no dream recall

the fist day i tried dream recall was last week and the first night it woorked but 5 nights after that i remembered nothing could ibe that i only remember at sundays because of school or smth.

im so unmotivated because it fails :cry: but im trying anyway again…

so hel me if you have suggestions to what to try or smth. :help:

The most important thing to DR is your dream journal. If you’re not keeping one, you should start. If you are, write down anything you can possibly think of, even if it’s just an image or a feeling. If you remember nothing, write that too.

Also, go to bed with the intention of remembering your dreams. Visualize yourself waking up and writing the dream in your journal.

The last thing I would recommend is waking up an hour or so before you actually have to. If you don’t remember a dream then it’s fine (see above), but when you go back to sleep there is a much higher chance you will remember the following dreams.

Good luck, let us know if you need more help :content:

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i am already keeping a DJ im saying to myself when i wake up i will wake up after each dream and evry night i wake up at like 3-4 a.m. and at school time both times nothing remembered 5x in a row i even read my DJ before going to sleep to get in the mood but i think i just have to try harder i just read the key to LD or smth. it said confidence and motivation is key so ill just try that

Also, you probably know this already, but if you don’t remember a dream don’t immediately give up: keep thinking about as hard as you can. I know it can be hard if there isn’t even a shred to hang on to, but even the emotion you felt when you woke up might jog your memory. Anything can be enough, like the position you were lying in. For instance, today I thought I had zero recall for last night, but when I felt in my pocket for a pen, I suddenly started thinking about pills. I realized later, quite suddenly, that this was because I had a brief lucid dream where I had tried the ‘lucidity pill’ technique. So don’t give up: you may even have been having lucids and not remembering, as they can be no easier than normal dreams to recall. Take heart.
As for your success on the first night, speaking from experience I find there is often a sort of beginner’s luck for new techniques, specifically because the first time one tries them there’s a great deal of motivation and concentration. You were probably thinking about it all day, which you subconscious picked up on. Try to keep up the same level of interest and motivation, especially by keeping a meticulous DJ, and I’m sure your recall will get better and better.

When I don’t have enough time to write my ND in my DJ, I use autosuggestion to increase (or just to keep the level, let’s say) of my DR:

  • “I perfectly remember my dreams”

and also to be lucid:

  • “I know I am dreaming, I become aware I am dreaming.”

I really works, and it is actually a very powerful techniques.

Of course, the best way to develop a good DR is to regularly write your dreams in your DJ (as already said). You can’t avoid this job if you are aiming for a sufficient and long time DR, usefull for your coming LD’s.

I see DR at the begining, a bit like a ball of whool to disentangle: the only difficulty is to start remembering some dreams events (DC, etc…) and write it as soon as possible (even if it is just a few, and it will be at the begining). Then, your DR will rapidly increase :smile:

Back when I started getting into lucid dreaming in 2007, it took me about two weeks to go from 0 dreams per night to around 4, with several days in the first week yielding little to no results.

It might take a bit to kick in. Keep in mind, a relatively stable sleeping pattern, as well as peace of mind when you go to bed help a great deal. It might also help to think about the last dream you remember and try to recall as much of that one as you can.

tnx for the tips i will try them all hope it helps :woo: