No LD yet

Haven’t been on this forum in a few months, but just wanted to report that I have not gotten an LD yet, only a dream of LDing (which is odd Lol). Soon hopefully!

Au contraire! Dreaming about dreaming and lucid dreaming is very normal on the journey and in my opinion a good sign. Make it a habit to also do RCs when you are engaging in dream related activities like discussing it on the forum or just thinking about the topic by yourself. As you have seen for yourself, you may already be dreaming!

What kind of effort are you making recently to attain lucidity?

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I find motivation really helps. If you have lost motivation you tend to slack and that really doesn’t help. Watch videos on lucid dreaming and read things about how cool it is to gain motivation. Idk this helped me.

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Recently I’ve just been doing reality checks and MILD.