"No luck with WILD"-IT WORKED!!! IT WORKED!!!!!

I tried WILD every night, 1-2 times a night, for 3 weeks now, and absolutaly nothing. I got close once, but I always fall asleep when I try it or worse because of it I can’t get to sleep for hours.

what am I doing wrong?


You didn’t write how you try to WILD. I don’t think you do anything wrong, WILD is something that is quite hard to do. I have only managed to do it twice. And both times by accident.

I try to WILD every night before sleep too, but the same happens to me. Either I fall asleep or I can’t fall asleep at all.
You should try sleeping for about 6 hours and then try to WILD. It’s usually a lot easyer to do after you have slept a few hours.
The key is to have a relaxed body and an awake mind.

yeah, Ive been trying WILD for ages now too, and havent managed it.
I think I came very close at one time…

All I can suggest is keep trying, and read more about it, thats what Ive been doing…

Don’t mean to sets spirits down, but after a year I got to 100% wbtb trance experience/WILD rate, and now for a few months down to unable to do it at all.

Progress will at times feel like it’s moving backwards, or the success won’t feel as great as it should. It’s not for no reason the greatest always say patience and perseverence. Also love of work and not of success leads to progress, Rudolf Steiner says.

But of course I’m also talking to myself here, I like the hardcore approach :content:

mystery00 trying WILD before first night’s sleep is much harder (I don’t even really try yet) since you go against your bioclock, fatigue, and your sleep cycle which normally says deep sleep first. Also trying it every night without breaks might work against you too, ego easily goes in and adds frustration hopelessness boredom etc. not to mention possibly tiring you out. Use your power and spread it out, try MILD one day, WILD the next, WBTB WILD after, always looking at results and varying techniques. hope this helps :smile:

I experienced WILD (at least SP, which to reach is a HUGE step in WILD) a couple of times in a short period of time, although i am a beginner. but i believe i dreamt most of my successful WILD attempts, which is useless because i could just as well have become lucid by doing a RC… one or two WILDs however were real, i think, but i only did those by accident, never intendidly and they only happened with WBTB or power napping, never when i first went to sleep.

my problem with WILD is that the dreams it produces are not natural, they like, feel flimsy and are easy to wake up from.

This seems to hold true for both night/morning WILD

(i do not consider WILDing to be normal dream re-entry, but rather actually forcing yourself to go back through the normal sleep process to get back to dreaming, such as when you are not tired or easily relaxed and you feel like you are “DONE” sleeping)

for example today I WILDed into unconsciousness and became aware of dream scenes, upon entering them I would return to body, no matter what, I tried all sorts of stabilzations, I somehow made myself “spin” inside myself, and well, it really helped make me go into dreams, but still, no luck in staying inside the dreams…


Well, it’s 9 o clock, I’m not too tired, my mind is like what the heck are you doing, get up? And I’m like “no, you need to sleep longer” and well, sleeping longer is one thing, trying to dictate every second of that sleep is another, much harder thing.

Maybe I’m not a WILD kind of guy, or maybe I just need more practice, I just know th at forcing yourself into REM for longer than you should be isn’t particularly good for you, LDing is best when it just complements “normal” sleep.

Well, so far I tried everything to do with WILD, I tried waking up after 5-7 hours of sleep (for this I acctually used a timer) and go back to sleep, I tried waking up in the middle of the night, I tried doing it straight away, and all I got was this:
I put my head on my arm while going to sleep (I don’t susualy do this) I felt like something was touching my arm and it hurt like hell, then I woke up and was in paralasis for about a second, then for some reason I was completaly terrified, I don’t even know why and I could get to sleep for a while after that.

I had a LD several days ago without any RC or anything, I just thought, what if I’m dreaming, and I had this feeling that I was the feeling that I usually get in dreams, and I realised I was dreaming and became lucid and woke up after about 10 second after realising this.

back, to WILD no luck whats so ever, is it possible to not BE ABLE to do WILD???

I also tried MILD, but I haven’t done it for very long (only 2 days) so can’t complain there.



This morning!!! unfortunately I was too tired so I forgot what the dream was about but IT WORKED!!!

:partying_face: :mrgreen_hat: :grin: :beer:


Congratulations! :grin:

Well done! :happy:

So it took a month to get a result…I might renew my efforts with WILD :wiske:

Congratulations :partying_face:

:beer: :clap: :ok:

Great success. keep practicing.

Happy dreaming

Congratulations mystery00! great news!
could you tell us about what you remember about the experience?

Of course! how could I forget the details, it went something like this:

I set my alarm that night to wake me up at 0600 hours (6:00am), after which I went to bed. While going to sleep I kept repeating in my head that I wanted to have a Lucid Dream that night, when I woke up at 0600 I couldn’t remember having any LD s so I went back to sleep and started to repeat that I wanted to have a LD , I was in fact trying the MILD technique. I kept on repeating this untill suddenly I had a strange feeling, I can’t describe exactly what it felt like…I can only remember only seeing darkness and I completaly forgot about my body, I kept repeating “I want to have a lucid dream…I want to…” untill the words in my head turned into a kind of echo, like they were coming from far away. I started seeing images which after I realised must of been the begginings of a dream I concerntrated on making them into a dream. This is the part I can’t remember much of at all, exactly what was in the dream, but I do remember some small things like grass, a road, trees…and other things like colours and sounds, but I do know that when I was in the dream I had quite a bit of control so it must of been something like midium level lucidity. The dream faded several times and I always came back to become fully awake (or though I thought) and I could feel that I could still move but I didn’t and I made myself relax and the dream came back quite fast, some more of the dream happend which I can’t remember. In the morning I woke up only remembering that I had a LD and only the details that I described above, it was only about 0800 and I went back to sleep after which I had a dream I woke up and went back to sleep and had another dream then I woke up and went back to sleep and had a third dream.

There you go, my WILD experiance :content: :grin: