No more Pantera?:(Like Metal or classic Rock?

Alrighty then, thanks :content:

Do any of you guys listen to American Metal?

I don’t really listen to any American stuff, just nothing I like has come out of there recently… but I like the old metal of course.
Hubbs you should check out a song called “New Age Messiah” by Sentenced, it sounds like 80’s power metal, with screaming vocals, it’s really cool :cool:

Sounds right up my alley, i’ll download it :smile: Thanks for looking out there for a big manic for metal(Me).

I have only listened to “My arm - your hearse” so far. Which album is the best one in your opinions? I have gotten used to d/l:ing full albums only. Usually all albums by one band at the same time. Thats what the university network is for afterall isn’t it? :grin:

Sometimes it gets too much and you have to delete everything and just keep a few songs. But all of “My arm - your hearse” was worth keeping i think.

All Opeth Albums are worth keeping, but I think it’s pretty lame to download complete records…Quality music should be rewarded…moreover, the Opeth booklets add alot to the overall feel…they’re sooooo cool…the last ones were done by Travis smith…they look absolutly beautiful…

But to answer your question…it depends on your taste in music. If you like a raw production and a, in a way, blackmetallish sound, go for Morningrise or Orchid…if you like classical death Metal, choose Deliverance…Blackwaterpark is a cool mix between heavy and mellow sounding…Still life is just beautiful but takes more time than Blackwater Park to access…Damnation is the “mellow” side of Deliverance…they did the album with Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and it’s not really Metal, but worth a listen!!!

Well…just randomly choose an Album…you can’t go wrong… :content:

This is a little backround in what i like in music, in all music(if your intrested, do tell as well)

Remember most of the bands im into are American, lets start with Soulfly, Pantera, Danzig, Slayer, Ministry, NIN, Superjoint Ritual, Down, Primus, Oysterhead, STP, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Chevelle, Red Hot Chili Peppers old bands too, like Sabbath, Doors, Zep, Police, Aerosmith this list is endless so ill stop here.

I likeheavy metal, but most heavy metal bands today sounds the same, or the band might sound great, but the lead singer sounds retarded. I like the little things, i guess thats my problem. Its hard to find a good heavy metal band these days look:

Hey Hubbs, thanks for the heads up about Pantera, I checked them out and it floats my boat! :content: They are something special compared to some acts now days.

What are peoples faviorate sub-genres? e.g. Classic Metal, Power Metal, Prog Metal, Speed/Trash, Death, Black, Doom, Gothic, Idustrial?
I go for Power, Speed, Black, Gothic and Idustrial. Death doesn’t do it for me, I was turned away from it because of Mayhem… psychos :bored:
One more thing… RAMMSTEIN ARE GREAT!

Isn’t Mayhem Black Metal?
Death metal is cool…try dying fetus, decapitated, bloodbath…
My favourite Generes in Metal are:

progressive , gothic, death, doom (including so called “dark” “atmospheric” Metal), melodic death…BM if they don’t have stupid “Warrrgh…With my longsword I kill christians” lyrics…

I have some tpye of story, others might be intrested in, but just remember you dont have to like metal to read it.

This story is happening in Northern Florida, i heard it on the news Yesterday, look at the link its self explanatory :cool_laugh:

Move over Dr. Death, Hell on Earth is here for your assiatance :neutral: Scary Stuff :roll:

I sthis normal in the World??? :help:

Howdy, its been a bit since i made anything on this htread, but im mainly here now to tell you. If you like Primus, and if you don’t know about there new ablum by now click this :user:
Thats what i’ve been hooked on lately, great ablum/dvd, they did’nt create a whole thing. BUT the career spanning dvd is well worth your purchase :grin: . The original 3 members are together again after 6years, and this is there best work yet. If your really intrested to hear any of it, just roam the site i gave, they have some mp3’s you can listen to. I think the song Pilchers Squad is the only song you hear from start to finish :tongue: .

Other than that, just listening to APC (A perfect Circle) check this link out if your intrested at all Thats all i have from my music world, seeya later :wave:

Just lately i went to a great concert. I saw A Perfect Circle, for the 3rd time. They once again had a great performance; i think it was the best yet. The only bad thing, yet it was a good thing at the same time, it rained through out the whole concert. I like this band alot, because they arent to hooked on visuals or anything. They just play a great show, and a excellent set. I think this show was the best out of 3 because, they had alot of new and different songs they could of played, the 2nd show they played mostly everything from the first album, but alot of covers, because they needed to fill their time frame. The 1st time i saw them they had a real short set, like 30 minutes, so i missed about 25minutes of it, and saw the last song. It was kinda of weird though how the rained stoped when they played Weak and Powerless, but as the show progressed and grew harder, so did the rain. It was an odd coincidence and affect, because with this band, every song starts of slow, and grows bigger, louder, and better. If you have the chance to see this band, go for it! You might be missing out :tongue:

I havent been on this thread in a bit of time, seems like about 2 months. Besides the fact i have another band i want to share if you havent heard of them yet. The name of the band is George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. I never heard of any of there music, until the ride to Miami, it sounded funky and i had no idea what i was in for. The show started at midnight, and they had an opening act so i had some beers before i went. Im never to big on the opening acts, i like to use my time wisely.(get drunk!) We got to the show around 12:45-1 am, and the Parliament Funk just started jamming. Once they hit stage and got the crowd moving, it just brought a big smile to my face. The songs are very long, and they have lots of solos and great vibes. Funk is great, i never knew in what ways you can play that style of music. This band had alot of talent, and they performed over 3hours. The band was on till 5am, George Clinton shows up after the 3rd song or so, but these songs play out to be 20 minutes long or even longer. This band played so hard with all different instruments they sound as hard as metal, they switch as peaceful to classic rock(like Floyd), and as Funky as James Brown all at the same time. I never dance and head banged at a concert before, this is probably one of the most unique concerts i been to. I just wanted to get that off my chest :content: . If you heard of this band or anything like it, shed some light. I think i found a new Genre of music that i really enjoy :smile:

I went to see Pantera on their Reinventing the Steel tour 2000 and it was the 1st proper gig I’d ever been to. I thought that it was excellent, it’s a shame that I’m not gonna have a chance to see them again. I recently saw Machine Head and I saw Metallica for the 2nd time just before Christmas. Before I saw Metallica at Reading Festival in August I thought that Pantera were the heaviest band I’d ever heard - excluding styles like Cannibal Corpse etc. - but the sound that Metallica make is so good. Although I don’t think Metallica’s new stuff is so good, both times I’ve seen them they played mostly their old classics - and they have so many to choose from! I much prefer to go and listen to metal live though and wouldn’t normally listen to it on CD.

I also had the chance to go to that tour, (the last tour)Very great i saw them twice befor ethey completely broken up. Its a pitty that it happened, but im sure they’ll have a reunion some day. I think the main reason why the leader singer seperated from the band, b/c he felt threaten towards the music world, and he didnt want to put him self out of business. In America, there isnt a lot of main metal or heavy metal anymore. All those groups are kinda of old, so Phil from Pantera figure to start other bands even harder and raw then Pantera. I honestly like Pantera better, but i like the idea of having new music, so i cant complain. Not only that but Superjoint Ritual is really good, if you can handle hardcore Metal. The first alum was great and not only that it was created over 10 years ago. Just recently i bought the new SuperJoint cd “A Lethal Dose of American Hatred” this ablum is inncreddible. Not only that, but the other half of Pantera is releasing another prject or band. I think it’s something to look forward to in my case, b/c it has the drummer/guitarist of pantera.

Im not a big fan of Metallica to much, it never attracted my attention, i like some of there old songs, but its hard to say. I always liked Slayer better, i figure that’s the band Metallica was trying to focus to be in there main stream career, now-a-days they just really suck :bored: (no offense)

Well im looking forward to seeing new product from these old bnands, Not only that but any NIN fans, i heard that the new Ablum Bleedthrough will be releasing soon, and its the most anticipated album of the year. I cant wait, i love NIN :grin: Thats about it, in my music world, feel free to comment, or share.

I just really hope that NIN album won’t suck. I am not really anticipating it anymore, so at least I won’t feel disappointed when I don’t like it. I will however feel blown away if it rocks, since my expectations are pretty much non-existant… :content:

Well I’m still exploring music. I do like Metal, but the only bands I know I like for sure so far are:

Metallica (Not their new crap, St. Anger doesnt even have any guitar solos! Kill em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and maybe And Justice for All and the black album…)

System of a Down (Really good sound, I think. I like their first album the best as its the hardest, but the other two are okay.)

AC/DC (Still exploring them, but so far Back in Black kicks ass.)

EDIT: Any recommendations?

That’s how it always is, with this band. I had no idea what to think about the Fragile. After i listen to the whole ablum inside and out, i loved it. its actually one of my favorites ablums :wink: . I still listen to the same ablum to this day :happy: . I have no idea what to think of this next one. I’m sure its gonna be promising :grin:

I have some, but i m not sure what you like exactly. If you tend to like ACDC, I guess you might like other classic Rock. As in for metal, i dont listen to much of mainstream. Ever had the chance to listen to Tool? They start off slow(depends what album) and they progress into a real hard metal. Pantera is always great, its like the classic Rock of metal :grin: I’ve been listening to A Perfect Circle alot, Primus also. Superjoint has been on my plate for some time. But i’ve been slowing down a little listening to funky music, and slower music, for an example George Clinton and the Paliament Funkadelics. My friend Hulk just gave me a ton of new cds, there all underrated bands. Stuff like Clutch, Melvins, Underworld Soundtrack, Gov’t Mule, TomaHawk, Prong, and alot of other ones. I havent had the chance to listen to all of them yet, but i had the chance to listen to some. I like the Underworld soundtrack alot :wink: , the producer of the ablum is apart of NIN. His name is Danny Lohner, he does alot for these bands, and he did create a great soundtrack. It even has David Bowie on it :cool_laugh: , Skinny Puppy too for all those old industrial fans.

So lets see, if you like System of a Down, try listening to Primus, there fast, not as hard, but they can get hard. Sounds a tad strange at first, but after some time you’ll discover this band has lots of talent.
If you never listen to Pantera, you should give them a chance, great hard music. I would recommend Slayer over Metallica, but that’s just a preference, its hard to listen to Slayer. All they sing about is corruption, death, religion, all the bad things life has to offer, there such a great band. Metallica is like the clean version of them, i notice though that Saint Anger tend to sound like a little like Slayer, when all the guitars start blaring. Give those bands a chance, and if they dont work out, come back and i can recommend some more :wink: I listen to, to much music, and i Love it! :content:

Okay so thats:
A Perfect Circle
George Clinton and the Paliament Funkadelics
Gov’t Mule

Runs off
“To the the illegal downloading!”