No more Pantera?:(Like Metal or classic Rock?

Yeah, its sad and scary it just shows that this world does have a couple of nuts.

Anyone interested in the new Tool or the band at all?

Count me out

I’m not sure what his name means, but Aesop Rock is a rapper. I know many of you don’t like rap, but download a song anyway. This rap is…different.

I love heavy metal! Well… I mostly listen to power metal. That includes: Helloween, Edguy, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Angra, Stratovarius…

Yay! I’m going to see Helloween live in October :happy:

It definitely reduces stress for me, also it’s good for headaches and flu…and a must for finals. (for me yet again :cool: )

Also Aesop brings to mind Aesop’s Fables, I might try listening to some of his work since I do like some rap.

It’s reeeaaaall trippy.

It’s ok, i just heard a song, He really gets into depth. I thought it was interesting so i didnt turn it off. Some rap does that to me, although i can handle other artists.

MeZergy Helloween is awesome. So is everyother and you listed their. Power metal is awesome. I have to say that Super Joint Ritual when phil gets over grieving and recovering from Hurricane katrina that will crush cause its gonna have so much rage from DimeBag Darrells death. I really wanted to see damageplan they were going to come to austin sometime after that concert and then go home. But ughh that guy had to kill DimeBag. I have really been listening to King Diamond lately. Anyone ever hear of him?

when is helloween going on tour?

I wanted to see goatwhore but it falls on a wednesday and i cant see them. Yeah Death Metal and mercyful fate/King Diamond. is what i have been listening to.

Yeah, thats an idea with the recent tragedy, but Super Joint Ritual will be on Hiatus, i bleieve Down is out and about touring in Europe. I’m waiting for America’s turn, i havent seen Down before. I seen Pantera twice, Superjoint once, but never seen Down, they never came down south Florida(only Orlando) Check it out. Tool has been my latest obesseion, its pretty good. Hard, trance, raw, and it’s idea is a enigma that makes you wonder when you hear these lyrics. I can’t wait till the tour, they put on a good show and im really looking forward to it. The visuals are just vivid and incredible, the artist does a very good job. He takes about pieces that he painted and combines them into two. Very hard to explain, you have to see it for yourself. I can find the real pictures, but concert photos would be a challenge.

Other than that, Les Claypool and Ministry is coming up soon, there both on the same weekend :happy:

Les Claypool is amazing. Have you heard Live Frogs 2

he covers the entire album Animals by Pink Floyd and it is just incredible.

Oysterhead is also a mighty fine replacement for phish. Its a three member jamband with Trey Anastasio(from Phish) Claypool, and Stewart Copeland(from the Police) the music is some strange combination of Phish and Primus and is just ridiculously fun to listen to.

Yeah, I’m happy you mentioned it. The band was called Les Claypool’s Flying Frog Brigade, it was covers of Floyd and old stuff that Claypool has done in projects between Primus and even before. Covers from Sausage and Holy Macrel good stuff, and he created his first solo album and the band change within time and he’s releasing his 2nd album soon and thats why im so lucky to see his tour. I love Primus, Oysterhead is awesome, i just want to go to Bonaroo Festival just to see Oysterhead. Other projects like Cornel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains is incredible aswell. Lets just say Claypool doesnt stop playing. So im getting my fair share before Primus ever returns.

Any Ministry fans? It’s like Hard/heavy Industrial sort like NIN but more raw and rough.

Im going to Bonnaroo :content:

not just to see Oysterhead, but they are definatly one of the main reasons. Ill probably be seeing Claypool three times this summer and I am definatly excited, twice at the Roo for oysterhead and the frog brigade and once on his tour. This should be a very interesting summer. :cool:

Anyone Ever hear venom or dissection or Celtic frost?
they are all bakc and hopefully tour soon. I pray for american tours cause that will just allow me to die.

nope, They play alot of different things on Sirius, so I have my ears open. All i have to say now is that im caught in the music scene, 2006 has alot to offer:)

This never happened unfortunately :sad: I got a new truck instead, and I saw Claypool this weekend. :smile:

I need to update :eek:

More Sad news for the Rock n’ Roll world;


Syd Barret has died, he was one of the co-founders of Pink Floyd, story is on the link.

Gave the link a caption, it was stretching the page. :tongue: :bruno:

Just a couple of photo’s from the recent show’s July 7th and 9th. First it was Claypool and then Ministry. The Revolting Cocks opened up for them, and it was pretty good. Here are 3 links;




Ministry was awesome, new album is just insane and heavy. The pit was massive, my camera was taken away also, so I didnt get many pictures.

As in for new music, I wish Slayer would visit down south, they have a new album coming in a week. Between the Buried and Me is pretty good, Alaska is a good album. Just looking forward to see Tool, 10,000 days is in heavy rotation.

Any interest?

Just chillin listening to chillin music.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have a new album out. It’s a double cd, it’s better than the last album “By The Way”. The 2nd gets a little different between sound and style. Kind of paves out what kind of sound they are trying to bring to the scene. I like it, and beats the norm.

Steel Pulse, I just bought a cd kind of like the greatest hits. They are pretty good, its reggae in their own style. Usually it all sounds the same or like Bob Marley. This is original, I suggest listening to it. It really brings the Caribbean vibe, and makes you feel lazy :wink:


Christ’s Illusion, the new album with all original band members since Seasons of the Abyss in 1991. This band has been together forever (25years)except drummer that has just rejoined and this new album is increddible. A straight forward album with 10 songs on and the theme of the album idea fits its time. Just waiting for a tour :content:

I’ll say 2006 is a great year for music


Its my latest obsession, the reason why I post this, is based off this years tour. Anyone experience 10,000 days yet?? I would like to hear some feedback, I have 2 weeks, fill me in :smile: