No motivation!

Hey, been a while since I posted outside my DJ. For a little while I was doing well with my recall, writing at least once per night for about half the nights of the week. I know how important recall is, like the foundations on which the ability to LD is built. But recently I wake up, try to remember something… most times I CAN remember at least one image… but I cannot for the life of me reach over and grab my DJ - I’m always feeling “too tired”. Later of course most of everything is gone. I guess my next step must be autosuggestion before bed “I will wake up after every dream and I will WRITE DOWN every dream”. Any other ideas all welcome - thanks.

If you feel too tired, you can always jot down at least 2 or so keywords. You can always use the voice recorder on your phone to the same effect if you find reaching for your journal too daunting a task. Our minds use associations extensively and a look at said words would recreate the memory of the dream for you to write at a time when you’re not feeling tired.

Hi Florestan,
I grew tired of DJing after about a year of writing down every dream. Now I only note my most interesting NDs and LDs. I do recommend that, if you’re a beginning LDer, you take your time to remember dreams as well as possible. Once you become a bit more experienced, it’s safe to wind down on DJing. Keywords are also a good option: they’re more valuable than nothing :wink:

Thanks guys. Keywords sounds like a good idea, though it seems the hardest part is reaching for my pen in the first place. Managed to get a snippet from last night. I just have to keep on trying to make it a strong habit.

An alternative to handwriting is using a phone to either type in quick keywords or record some speech. For me, typing takes less energy than speaking, and I don’t need to turn the light on.

Light’s not a problem - I have those pens that light up when you click em. Got them just for the job. They work really well.

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