NO New Mod positions available - don't apply within ;P

if this is a april fools joke hats off to you if its not i think ive been around enough to know whats accpeted/whats not

LOL! Thanks for noticing. I can also hover .5mm above the gound…only on tuesdays :sad:, but get this the “parlement of super powers” wants to take that away from me :cry:

Hmm…Let’s take a look-see at my qualifications:
Low post count
Not very active on forum anymore
Can’t LD
This is April Fool’s Day (Too cruel!)
I would definitely NOT (Not!) go on deletion rampages. Definitely.

Looking at this topic gives us a good view of the entire LD community, and I like that. :content: We do seem rather a strange bunch, eh?

Hey here’s an idea next year let’s not shout “APRIL FOOLS!” in every post shall we… ruins the fun.

EDIT: You know what… can I have just one peek in the bathroom? Please?
WOW that sounds perverted.

Actually, I still scan the forum’s avatars, to check size and filesize. I wouldn’t mind having my user made into a mod of avatars. This way I could delete rough avatars myself, saving PasQuale time. :content:


But I wouldn’t like to be a full time mod. I’m currently involved in a dream team at sea life. It really does change the way you see Lucid Dreaming.

I’d like to be a MOD…

Thanks… Just hoping it isn’t an april’s fool joke…

Thank you everybody who has applied.

As promised here are your stars, AND directions to the bathroom!

As an admin i have already set permissions on the forum, so only those who have applied (or telepatically have communicated they want to be a mod, but didn’t dare to post in this topic) can access the following link:

you will find further instructions there.


Thanks :tongue:

So how long did it take you to make that :tongue:

I KNEW IT!!! :lol:


Just what I thought. :smile: But hey, I had to post on the off chance that it was for real. After all, if I did not post and it turned out to be real I would really kick my self.

Good one :rofl:

Whahahahahahaha!! :rofl:
First the DreamAddict/Dm7 switching and now this… LOL nice one Q :cool_laugh:

Hahahaha :happy: That was hilarious! Man, that was genius of DreamAddict and I switching our identity. :wink: Especially when I’m a regular member and he as a mod. :happy:

I laughed my butt off. Hahahaha. :happy:

wow, what a cool page pasQuale!

hehe, this has been fun :grin:

lol. not bad Q not bad at all, but at least you know thata lot of ppl what to b mod now, but then you already did know that. Ik Hou Van Joue Q, Ik Ben MOD. Well not really but i thought that was well worth it lol. i ran a program that deleted my hard drive on aprils fools, i laughed as it went up 1% every second and i know formatting takes too damn long, so i laughed some more adn sent it to my friends over msn. i dont think they like me :razz:





Actually, you never mentioned April Fools Day in your post.

So were all the mods conspiring? I may sound desperate, but the forum definately is becoming busier and maybe it does need more mods…

well i am sure Q will let you be a mod on one condition.

9.95 per month and it can be yours, but wait there is more, access chargers and actuall use of mod powers will cost an extra 0.55 per use and a over all yearly charge of 92.65 *

  • actually Q u could make a fair bit of money this way :razz: lol dangours tho