NO New Mod positions available - don't apply within ;P

Hi everybody,

The forum is growing so big lately that the current mods cannot keep up anymore. Therefore there are new Mod positions available.

Mod selection has always been done by invitation only - when the current Modteam thinks you are a suitable candidate, you are invited to become a Mod.

However, we now think everybody should have a go, therefore we have decided to give everybody who applies today the mod status. It doesn’t even matter how many posts you have or how long you have been on this forum, everybody can apply.

Applying can by posting a reply in this thread stating: “YES I WANT TO BE A MOD!”

Tomorrow all candidates will receive their stars and the directions to the bathroom.


Me please! I read pretty much the whole forum (except shortcuts, lounge and the evolution thread) every two days. I promise not to make everybody come to me and worship the wikibook :smile:.

(That was sincere!)


That sounds like everybody who posts here becomes a mod… surely not what you meant? :eh:


I wasn’t going to apply but since there will be many more mods…and I read most posts I thought I would help out.

edit this could be an April Fool’s Day thread. :tongue:

Hah! I forgot about that when I was reading the topic… the forum is getting pretty busy though. And even though the post says that everybody gets to be mod, it also says you have to “apply”. If only pasQuale wasn’t dutch :sad:


wow, that was quick. :cool_laugh:

But you are a mod! :tongue: :wink:


Would any mods attest that this is not an April fools?

Ehm, I want to be a mod again!


Are you crazy? The forum is becoming way too busy, and I’m tired of spending hours just deleting doubles and stuff :grrr: PLEASE HELP US OUT :cry:

LOL! Nice try. This is the best one so far this day!

I think this is a great idea. All of the members on ld4all are so well behaved, and it stays so busy. If we are all mods we could easily handle double threads and post, and handle all those 5 page threads that need splitting. :grin:

I say hire all the good people while we have them, and then we’ll be able to whoop the bad ones if they ever drop by. :devil:

Yes they’re so well-behaved. :grin: I’m hoping to get my mod status back. :content:

I WANT TO BE AN ADMIN! Oh wait i have admin control anyways never mind.

DA comes crawling back :tongue:

I would like to be a mod. But not right now. Prehaps in a year or so. I am very busy, and so LD is now becoming a background part of my life.

Congarts to the new mods. Be careful, this is most likley an April fools joke. :tongue: Dutch April fools jokes are particulkarly bad. (In my opinion).

I would like to be one too. I read the boards everyday so why not?

… AND!! you have laser vision!! :cool_laugh: wow!

^points to dnL’s sig

In response to this thread: My, ld4all is a kooky bunch! You guys make me laugh! :tongue:

mod mod mod mod modm mododdmodmodmdmdomdomdomd

ME WANT TO BE MOD!!! lol :razz:


Yes, I most definitely want to be a MOD. I have been experimenting with LD ’ing for a long time. I have read just about every book and visited every forum on this subject that I could find. I also enjoy helping new people explore lucid dreaming. (We help ourselves by helping each other)I have even made believers out of some of my friends who originally thought I was crazy. They are now enjoying there own LD ‘s.

Thank you for your consideration.