No nightmares?

Has anyone in here ever had a dreamcatcher? I used to have nightmares often as a child, but the moment my parents gave me a dreamcatcher and told me it would catch all the bad dreams, I stopped having them. Obviously it’s just suggestion or something, thinking that you won’t have nightmares will, what do you know, help you to stop having nightmares! I haven’t had a nightmare since before I was 10 years old.

Occasionally I do have dreams involving monsters or something similar but I’ve never actually been scared of a dream anymore. No super-sudden wake ups or cold sweat in the middle of the night for me.

Yeah, interestingly enough dreaming is one topic where it’s a really good thing to lie to people. Placebos are great for dreaming since all that matters in the end is what the person expects and wants to happen. It kinda goes against my more scientific nature to accept everything I read, but it would probably make dreaming techniques and ideas a lot easier to achieve, regardless of whether or not they “really” do anything.

yea, the same happens to me, I think the only nightmare I remember was one that I had when I was 9, I was beign chased by the so called guy with the cloak and then when he caught me I woke up in panic.
but ever since that I havent even thought about dreams, that might be the answer for it too. this is my third week on lucid dreaming and I’ve had 2. but that didnt seem to change my dreams, like those fellas said. oh well.
I know its weird but I kinda want to have a nightmare. LOL :smiley: