No nightmares?

So, from as far as I can remember, I’ve had no nightmares.
I’ve never woken up in the middle of the night (out of fear or something that is, I have woken up for other reasons though) or anything like that…

Im wondering if it has to do with how I am in RL? Although, even then, I still hjave fears in real life, both unreasonable (fear of spiders) and reasonable (fear of heights).
But perhaps my personality or certain traits of mine? or maybe its just me in general?
I dont know…
Is this normal? or really strange? Im not 100% sure Ive never had a nightmare, but as far as I can recall, I haven’t.

I have no nightmares too…I don’t know what’s the reason.

I’ve been pondering about this for quite some time, too. While I might have a bad dream when things around me go bad, I rarely have any nightmares.

The traits I thought affect this the most are ones regarding going on, and not dwelling on past experiences. In other words, taking things to be what they are, and trying to move on - alongside being able to put feelings aside for the sake of living your life, more or less.

I also see these traits as the reason to why I have so few lucid dreams - About none in the last few months, actually, and very few even before that. How often do nightmare-less people lucid dream?

I wish to say these traits might be related to the vivid, awesome dreams I’m getting about every night - though that’s an baseless belief even in my own thoughts.

Hmmm… that might be true, as act in a similar way, more or less. So then, it could possibly be traits like that that affect it…
But I hope it doesnt affect lucid dreaming… Unfortunately, I too have few lucid dreams. Actually only one so far i think.
But i continue to think (and hope) it is because I havent had enough time to develop my lucid dreaming ‘skills’.

Never have any nightmares.

Occasionally I get “Screamer” dreams, where a loud noise jerks me awake, but I never get nightmares. …Well I’ve had about 3 in my life.

I don’t remember ever having nightmares. I’ve had scary dreams though, but not so bad that I’d wake up screaming or be afraid to go asleep. Those scary dreams were actually pretty funny :tongue:

Yea but thats the thing… I’ve had no scary dreams either o.O
I dont know, its weird…
I’ve strange dreams too, like those dealing with zombies, but i wasnt scared or anything…
And i dont think I’ve had any dreams dealing with my fears of spiders or anything either…

Funny, I didn’t think there would be so much people without nightmares. :tongue: I’m one of those, had only a few nightmares when i was a lot younger, plus a very brief lucid scary moment two months ago or so, nothing else.
But I do LD quite often, so I would say the two things aren’t completely related. Of course, nightmares can make you lucid, but that’s not the end of the matter :smile: One needs to learn to get lucid in situations similar to those in his/her ordinary dreams, such as hanging out with friends, doing something, taking classes etc. and DS or LL can be an option.

Hmmm. Perhaps it might relate to motivation, rather than directly to lucid dreaming capacity…

Most intriguing indeed.

I dont have nightmares either, but I do know the reason :tongue:

I got nightmares less freQuently when I started LD’ing for real, about when I got my first LD (after I started with it, I had LN’s sometimes :wink: ) I got no nightmares since that :content:

Wow, I thought it was unnatural to have no nightmares, seeing as I don’t have them either :razz: Well, there was this one somewhat scary moment when I was approaching a door with my friends and was really nervous about something in there, and then all of a sudden the door burst open and a wind-up toy jumped out and started rattling around on the floor. It wasn’t enough to wake me, but I felt my heart beat for that instant, and that was the only time I felt my heart jump in a dream. So basically, I don’t have nightmares enough to wake me up ^^ I’m arachnophobic, yet I dream about spiders sometimes too but they were never scary probably because they were quite hazy. In fact, I just had a dream this afternoon about some spiders I was trying to kill :razz:

It does make me curious as to whether it’s based on personalities, environments, lack of sleep (like me! :happy: ) or something else. I have my own fears too, but I try not to let them get to me during the night. So maybe that’s why? I also never had many lucid dreams, and had practically no “natural” lucid dreams (meaning I never became lucid just by myself without the use of a technique)

I think i get around 3 nightmares per year or something :smile: and they are all very mild.

I do get nightmares occasionally, but when I wake up, I simply accept it as a dream, and that it is nothing to be afraid of. I only get nightmares that leave me quite shaken only about a couple of times a year. Those are the ones that leave me afraid to go back to sleep for about an hour. I eventually get over those though. :content:

Coming to think of it, even I have had no nightmares. Some scary dreams when I was very small, but not scary enough to call a nightmare. The only time I have woken up because of a dream was one in which I was falling from a height. I woke up the moment I touched the ground. The time was about 6:45 AM. but it was not scary. In fact, it was a pretty thrilling and awesome feeling.

Now that I think about it, I do get (very very ambiguous) nightmares.

They aren’t scary at all, they shouldn’t be. But for some reason I get scared out of my mind when I wake up. (And throughout the rest of the morning.)

But then again, it isn’t the dream that’s scary. It’s just some subconscious thing, I guess.

I also rarely have nightmares. Maybe once per month or something…And usually, I get lucid in every nightmare so it isn’t a nightmare anymore :razz:

After reading some more, I came to the conclusion that nightmares and naturals at LD’ing are indeed related.

Basing myself on what data I have collected so far,
People LD naturally in early ages. Probably all the time the first years. But, people tend to forget to LD, and forget they could eventually.

Like, when I was younger I could remember every pokemon up to 3rd gen, but I forgot with time because it became unimportant, no one talked about it eventually.
Same with dreams: if it’s a subject no one brings up, one is prone to forget them, and one does forgets them if (s)he doesn’t pay enough attention.

Nightmares, instead, are dreams that make you wake up (so you do remember them for sure), and make you talk about them, so dreams become an important discussion subject. Actually, some parents go as far as teaching techniques for acquiring lucidity, so the kids use them and solve those nightmares, but even after that, dreams remain an important subject, and by so, the kids learn to pay attention to dreams, (re)discover lucidity in ordinary dreams, and ultimately enjoy it. This time, they’re not going to forget about lucidity easily, as it has gained a much larger “magic/wonder” factor from when they practiced it when they were kids, as it felt just a natural thing to do, like walking is.

Nightmares, by bringing up the subject in a pressing manner, makes people learn to care about dreams, getting familiar with them, make them know they can control them, and continue doing it.

Others simply forget the whole thing - it’s easy with dreams - and by so, they must get the ability back.

I used to have my fair share of Nightmares when I was younger but now I rarely have them. I’m not naturally talented in LDs and lucid dreaming hasn’t affected the kind of dreams I have at all. I simply don’t get scared by dreams. I may see that I am being chased by a monster, but I won’t call it a nightmare because in the end I always end up facing my fear and enjoying the dream. The only thing I’d classify as a nightmare I’ve had lately would be dreaming that I’m doing bad in exams. But that’s pretty boring, and not scary at all.

I don´t have nightmares, the last time I had one was like three years ago. nevertheless, when I was younger I had them pretty often :wink:

As far as I can recall I’ve also never had a nightmare.
I’ve had dreams where frightening or bad things would happen, but I’ve never felt actually afraid of it, especially not after waking up-- it’s usually “scary” in the sense that I’m watching a movie or something.

Indeed, sometimes if I wake up right after one such dream my first impulse is to laugh.
Upon waking (slowly), I laughed right after I got shot in one dream. (Which wasn’t horrific at all-- I think I have yet to see blood in a dream of mine as well.)

So no, I haven’t gotten nightmares (that I can remember-- and I imagine most people do remember nightmares, as the definition of “nightmare” would imply).

This could actually be quite easily linked to how I view the world.
I’ve drawn cartoons practically my whole life, and am going to school for animation now. I pretty much see everything in terms of cartoons. I visualize books as cartoons almost invariably, and my dreams are very often portrayed as cartoons as well. I just tend to grow fonder of cartoon characters more than “live action” ones, if you know what I mean. But anyway, I’m not one that’s fond of things like gory violence or sex, so one could say I have a very “innocent” view on things like that. This carries over to my dreams, where such things are never brought up.

Thus, most of my dreams are pretty “tame” as far as frightening things are concerned. It’s just not usually how I see anything.