No Sleep causes hallicunations?

Is it true that if you on’t sleep for 3-4 days you start getting hallucinations. has anybody had ths before?

you may wish to read the How long have you gone without sleep? topic too :thumbs:

It’s true. Here’s a full list of side effects of sleep deprivation.

* Aching muscles
* ADHD-like symptoms
* Blurred vision
* Clinical depression
* Colorblindness
* Daytime Naps

* Death
* Decreased mental activity
* Decreased concentration
* Decreased ability for the immune system to fight off sickness
* Dizziness
* Symptoms similar to those of acute ethanol intoxication
* Dark circles under the eyes
* Fainting
* General confusion
* Hallucinations
* Hand tremors
* Headache
* Hernia
* Hyperactivity
* Hypertension
* Impatience
* Irritability
* Memory lapses / memory loss
* Nausea
* Nystagmus (rapid involuntary rhythmic eye movement)
* Psychosis
* Pale skin tone (looking pasty)
* Slowed reaction time
* Slurred speech
* Weight loss / Anorexia
* Weight gain
* Yawning

It doesn’t need to be 3days without sleep, it can just be lack of sleep in general. Here’s symptoms I have had during my insomnia periods.

Aching muscles
Blurred vision
Decreased concentration
General confusion
Hallucinations (usually just lights or movement in my case)
Slurred speech
Nystagmus (rapid involuntary rhythmic eye movement)

Nystagmus is very disorientating, it makes you dizzy and can give you a headache. I’ve had it a few times, the worst being when I was walking down the stairs.

And all that was while I was still getting sleep, but usually only 4hrs per night.

I’m sure I’ve seen delirium in a list of symptoms.

wow that doesn’t sound to good. Are they all just short term symptoms, which go away when you get a few nights of good sleep?

Some of them will be. All the ones I have had (except depression) went away after a good sleep.

I wouldn’t like to say about the memory loss and obviously death isn’t curable, but for the most part a good sleep will help though one nights sleep probably won’t solve all the problems straight away. I found that when I have been up 32+hrs that I need two full nights of sleep to fully recover. Maybe I’m just getting old though.