was “question about SP” new title given :moogle:

When I try WILD I know there should be a moment when I should enter SP, and then HI … But normally I tend to get HI without being paralized and then waiting forever without dreaming at all…

i.e. in one of my tries I almost entered a dream: I was with a friend of mine and I knew that was supposed to be HI and he asked me how to use some appliance so i answered: “you just need to push the button , like this” and hit the wall near my bed with my real hand getting fully awake…

How’s this?

It’s completely possible and I even think it’s the most common. You can perhaps feel your body getting a little numb, but there is no real SP cause you’re not entering directly REM sleep (at least, I suppose it’s the reason why).

Moreover, this is wrong, you get HI before you get SP, cause HI happens during stage 1 of sleep.