No success, it's been almost a week...

Okay, i just can’t seem to LD. Everything under the sun has happened to me. I’ve fallen asleep, lost motivation and willpower, not to mention hope, I’ve woke up right before an LD. Ugh, nothing seems to work. I’ve tried several techniques including the 61 point technique, WBTB technique, WILD, HI, MILD, binuarial beats, self-hypnotism, keeping a dream journal, herbs, and computer software, ugh, they all seem to fail me. My dream recall has gotten better though. So I don’t know what to do, I’m on the verge of giving up and accepting defeat. Can someone please help me? I really want to LD!

You’ve been trying for less than a week and you’re feeling disappointed that you haven’t had a lucid dream? You need to be little less hard on yourself. Expect to become lucid every night, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t become lucid.

Pick one induction method and stick with it for a while. As in, for a month or two at least. Then try something else if it feels right. Just don’t give up! What’s the point?

If you’re feeling stressed and worked up about your lack of LDs, you probably need to take a break. That’s counterproductive. Tonight, go to bed without trying any techniques or anything. Perhaps tell yourself ONCE “I will remember to realize I’m dreaming and I will remember to wake up and write down my dreams.” But that’s it. Just relax in bed and let your brain do as it pleases. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Good luck!

One week isn’t long at all. You’re being much too hard on yourself. When Datameister says to expect to become lucid every night, I think he means that you should believe you will become lucid (confidence certainly aids the process), not that it’s common to have a lucid dream every night, which is certainly not true. Just wanted to clear that up in case you might have misinterpreted.

It’s often good to take a break from lucid dreaming for a little bit and then get back into it. I’m not sure why, but this seems to work for a lot of people. Also, as LaBerge mentions in EWLD, it’s possible to try too hard. You should try practicing just one method and stick to it.

By the by, are you identifying any personal dreamsigns? That’s an essential step.

Don’t give up because you have been trying only for a week. Give it some more time. I agree with other people, try one techique for about a month or two.

Sorry, you guys are right. I’m just an overly-impatient person and I tend to give up if I don’t meet my expectations. To answer Trides question, no, I haven’t noticed any dreamsigns. The only thing that has gotten better is my dream recall.

First let me say that is a lot of techniques to try in a week. While all the methods you mentioned will produce lucid dreams, none will give them to you instantly. It does take time, practice and patients.

Just a suggestion:

  1. Continue to keep a DJ to improve your dream recall. You can even start doing reality checks it this point if you want.

  2. Once you are remembering your dreams on a regular basis then add either MILD or WILD but stick with just one of these.

If you take your time, don’t get frustrated and practice consistently you will see progress.

Happy dreaming.

You really shouldn’t lose patients in only one week. It took me three weeks to achieve lucidity, and I didn’t even use any methods! I was just aware of what lucid dreaming was at the time. Just like what milod said, stick with one technique. Even if you find yourself getting impatient, remember that some techniques, especially WILD, can take a long time to master. I’ve been practicing it for two weeks, but since I’m persistent, I know that in time I will succeed. I’ve heard from one person that it took them a couple of months to get WILD to work for them, so you can’t expect to see results in only one week.

Good luck and happy dreaming, Matt! :wave:

Thanks you guys. I really needed some positive reassurance. I guess I’ll wait and do what I can.

I started about a week ago too, and I havn’t had any luck, it seems we are like each other no? Lol.
Anyways, I am having trouble which method I should use tonite and keep it for the next month.

Hi Arnack!

Did you look into the BIG How to choose your technique topic? You surely will find some ideas there.

:welcome: Arnack! Feel free to ask any questions you may have. ^^

Just give it a bit more time, Matt, you’ll get there. :hugs:

Awww thankies. :wink: lol. But for some reason my body is forcing me to take a break. lol. I’ve been falling asleep before I can finish out the techniques for the past few days.

Don’t give up man,

I hadn’t had an LD in 8 months before last night, so it takes time. What helps is if you have the desire and I also find reading everything I can about LDs helps as well.

Visiting these forums will get your mind on LDs etc. so you should improve your luck shortly.

The method that worked last night for me was WBTB and WILD. Again though, it had been 8 months for me, so a week is nothing.

You should not take herb. Its just a easy way to get to LD (or perharpst a harder way) and if some night you dont have herb , you will have a lot of less chance to have a LD.

Just try a No method. Just read everything on LD , set your mind to it and when you go to sleep just tell you that you will know youre dreaming. After a while you should easely say to yourself that youre dreaming , at least it work good for me and I dont do method . Just auto-suggestion and even some day nothing and I go lucid.