No Sucsess at all ...

when i am asleep i do not control what i do in my dreams i cant do a reality cheak because im not aware im dreaming i must be in a deep sleep i cant do a RC because i dnt control my dreams and i am not aware im in a dream till i wake up the next day and realise it was i dream :confused: its confusing but i need help :sad:

think of it like this, when you become and athleet, you wont become a champion in the first days, it takes practise to become the best or in this case lucid… i started out by not remembering any dreams at all, now i remember like 2 dreams a night and im happy with that :smile:
right now im trying to get my dreams more vivid, after i have done that THEN i could try to become lucid… it might take a week, a month or even a year… just relax and take it as it comes :smile:

If you were aware that you’re dreaming you wouldn’t need to do an RC.
You do RCs during the day. You do an RC and come to the conclusion that you are not dreaming.
And one night while you’re dreaming you do an RC (not because you decide to, you do it out of habit because you have made so many RCs during the day) and then you notice that you are dreaming, then you are aware that you are dreaming and you can make conscious decisions.