I’m a musician, so I don’t have a straight sleeping schedule. I can sleep today at 11 and tomorrow at 04:00 am. Does it affect my dreaming? since I began trying to ld, I could find my hands already, so I think I’m in the right way…I also wake up 3 or 4 times a night, but that doesn´t help a lot, since i get more tired…
can somebody help?

Having a weird sleep schedual may effect your dreaming. You may find that if you are hard pressed for sleep you will have problems with lucid dreaming or dream recall! That doesn’t mean that you have no hope of lucid dreaming though, even in a short sleep you have REM periods, and you can still become lucid. A weird sleep schedual may not even bother you, it depends on the individual.
As for waking up at night, use this to your advantage! Really, when you wake up, jot down dreams that you remember into your dream journal, maybe practice WILD or MILD in the middle of the night. Why not WBTB to your own sleep schedual? Many people purposfully wake up to induce lucid dreams, so this probibly wont bother you!
Good luck!

Thanks, sweet sunflower!
last night was very rich in dreams, and I hope this night will be even better!!!

From what I can tell, too little sleep can have a negative impact on dream recall and LD’ing, but provided enough sleep, I usually find irregular sleep patterns helpful.
charlottedreamer is right about the using it to your advantage. I try to do this on the weekends or vacations at home when I can vary my sleep schedule.


I can say that I need to have a long sleeping period -4h at least- to recall my dreams properly. instead, in my daytime naps I dream even if I sleep for half an hour. I wonder why…

If you don’t wait too long to nap during the day, then perhaps you can consider naps as a prolonged WBTB. And we all know that WBTB is best practiced in the morning because then we dream much longer so we get a better dream recall. So WBTB still works when you stay awake for a couple of hours. Suppose you wake up at 9am. Then I wonder if there’s a difference in dream recall when you nap at 1pm (WBTB: 4hrs awake) or when you nap at 5pm (WBTB: 8hrs awake). Must be… I guess, because the WBTB effect will diminish the longer you’re awake.

Last night I did something funny! Looked at a clock, in my dreams. Not one, but 7 or 8 times. At each sight, the clock would show a different time. Then I was thrown in a dream , with a girl I know, but I just got too excited, and woke up. It was a very short lucid dream, with not much control. But it IS something!!! :cool_laugh:

I have a weird sleep schedule, too, and I can remember my dreams just fine. I usually remember two a night.