Non- creepy mp3's?

Hi, you might not know me since I’m pretty new here (not to lucid dreaming though). :smile:

My problem is that I’m really, really creeped out by most LD induction mp3’s. Are there any people making these that DON’T sound like they like to sit in bushes outside my window/steal kids? Are there maybe any with female voices?

I really don’t mean to insult anyone, I’m sure as hell not talking about YOUR mp3’s…but I’m a wuss and there’s only so many things I want to listen to in the dark when I’m all alone at night. :wink:

hahaha I feel you. The curselucid ones are creepy and the lucid remix scares me

Try this:

[url]Hypnosis induced Lucid dream. free mp3]

It should work it’s not very creepy

I don’t know how that sort of people sound. But there are some with varying styles. Brainwave mind voyages has one style. Hemi-sync files has another more authoritarian style. Then there is Paul Sheele’s more free style. And there is the storytelling style of Stephen Laberge. Alternatively you can listen to Lama Surya Das “tape”, it’s not intended as an induction file because there is a lot of information around the techniques and such. His style is completely different because he talks a bit like he’s out of breath. not panting though. that would have been creepy.

Thank you!

Okay, I guess I’ll google for these then, thanks

does anyone have any Stephen Laberge mp3s?

I have stephen Laberge mp3s. Legally, since I own the CD.

o whats the cd called?

Hey Ninamania, welcome to the site and good luck on your lucid journey!

Its a funny thing that isn’t it?

what Lordrrr wrote is probably the best FREE one available at the moment. I have offered all mine which are available here: … highlight= however I think you’ll find that most of them are rather creepy i.e. curselucid-dreaming and such but it has the one that Lordrrr spoke of included. Otherwise try finding a crystal shop or a site that sells those hemi-sync or holo-sync CD’s they are excellent :smile:

I have one hemi-sync track thats for lucid dreaming but I have yet to try it out.

The CD came with the book “Lucid Dreaming” so It’s just called “Lucid Dreaming”. From the label “sounds true” wich I think is a funny name for a record label.

o well good thing I bought his other ld book

Thank you!

You’re right, I find these rather creepy. hehe But it included one that I already know and use that is excellent. Actually I’m listening to it right now. :wink:

I have a few hemi- sync mp3’s but they aren’t specifically for lucid dreaming so they haven’t really helped me.