Non realistic

In advance I thank you all for the eventual answers and hels of yours

My dreams are very real world based and I want more fantasies and improbable events to occur in them ? What should i do to have such dreams, non realistic like ?


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I presume that you mean that you want to experience scenarios and see things that appears in movies, films and books and various other sources?

A possible answer could be that you’re not filling your memory whit enought information about such things. Usually the more information you have stored about a certain thing the more accuretly it’ll appear in you dreams.
Look at pictures, movies, games and read books about the things you want to experience and then memorize the details as much as possible.
Whitout the details that may make a fictional world unique from the real world, your brain will atempt to fill in those missing details whit details based on the nonfictional world.

Also, if you’re trying to change the landscapes whit dream control it’s a matter of “Confidence” that’ll decide if you’ll succedd or not…have no doubts about dream control and you’ll see that you can change anything.


Maybe you could also try with MILD : for example, you can use MILD mantras or visualisation to set your mind for this kind of dreams before going to sleep.

Also, our expectations have a great incidence on dreams, lucid or not, and on the recall and dream contents.
So if you expect too much your dreams to be realistic, they will likely be so.
MILD can help, but do not try too hard to have less realistic dreams, don’t get nervous about it.
Just set your mind to more fantasy dreams, visualize, genuinely expect to have some in the near future, and relax, try not to worry too much about it.
It will just come in time, as for LDs. :wink:

If your dreams seem to be based on your real-life… maybe watching/reading some crazy fantast stuff in your real life wil help get wacky dreams?

Also eating chocolate may help. Look up foods that give you strange dreams – im sur theres a few ! :content:

I find playing video games for long periods has an impact on my dreams. I have more “boss fights”.

I like what Tywald says, read and think more about such things.

Additionally you can “incubate” a dream about a certain topic. As you go to sleep tell yourself you want to have a “fantasy dream” and then think about it as you go to sleep…this is similar to what one would do for MILD.

Well, I have realistic dreams, I try to RC subrealistic things IRL, and this sometimes help :cool:

But if you want non-realistic dreams look at the aboveposts :whistle:

Just read a lot of books about the sort of stuff you want to dream about. One theory about dreams is that their purpose is to organize information that you recieve during the day. If this is true, when your brain organizes the information during your sleep you might dream about it. :content:

Yes, great thanks for the ideas.