NOOBS: be lucid in no time!

Ok…there are tons of new people coming on to the forum. And tons asking the same question: What method is the best. Well…there are tons of methods. And while the RCs and HandMethod and MILD are highly recommended to start out with, you can go with something of a higher chance of lucidity, which even new people can do.

All it is is the WBTB Method.

  1. Wake up about 6 hours after you fall asleep.
  3. Stay awake until your “awake” and read about Lucid Dreaming.
  4. Try and stay awake for 20 minutes at least.
  5. Then, when you return to bed, either try MILD, AutoSuggestion, or if you really want something, try WILD.

Just perform this and you have a high chance of obtaining Lucidity. For some people, it gives them a 90% chance, and for others it gives them like a 20% chance. But hey, still a chance :smile: I’ve been doing this method for a while with WILD and I’ve had a substantial amount of Lucid Dreams this month.

Hope this helps new people :smile:

Good Luck!!!

sweet, i was just trying WILD, but I wasn’t useing WBTB with it because of school, so i’ll give your way a try!
thanks for the tip, and i trust this tech. because of how many LD’s you’ve had this month.
6 is amazing!

The thing to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as a best technique. They are all good and will work if you practice seriously and allow yourself time to succeed. So the question you have to ask your self is what is best for you.

Regardless of what induction technique you use there are a few things everyone starting out should do in my opinion:

Improve dream recall.

Keep a dream journal every day and study it. Get to know what your dream life is like and find your dream signs.

Question your reality while awake. 1) Ask yourself “am I dreaming” then really try to prove you are not. You can use RC to help prove you are awake. Alternatively, you can try to experience everything as if it is a dream and imagine seeing your dreamsigns. Then picture yourself doing what you want to do in your next lucid dream. 2) Then remind yourself that you will recognize you are dreaming the next time you are dreaming. 3) Whichever of these you choose you should do them a lot throughout the day.

Maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

Practice a additional induction technique like MILD or WILD

This may all sound hard but, it really is not. You will quickly get used to doing these things. I assure you the effort is well worth it.

Happy dreaming. :smile:

broken-sword, this won’t affect school at all. you stay up for about 20 minutes and thats it. you can stay up less if you can get awake in a shorter amount of time.

milod: I agree with the methods working out best for people, but I do have to say that some techs are better than others regardless of the person. Such as MILD before bedtime. That method has a very low chance than something like WILD or WBTB. You can improve your skills on a method, but to improve your skills on a more powerfull method is even better. It’s like programming in a sense. BASIC and C++ are two totally different languages. BASIC is easier, and can be affective in some ways, and you can master it. C++ however, is the strongest programming language out there, but is the hard one to learn. But, after conquering the language C++, you have the mind to create whatever program/game you want. This is exactly like what dream techs to use to have a LD. MILD is still good, and can be mastered, but WILD is better, and harder to learn. But if mastered, you can do wonders.

I hope I’m making sense here. Anyways…good luck to all on having LDs!!

My tip is to keep a critical mind and study all you see, throughout the day.
Eventually you will do it during your dreams!

I don’t stay up at all when I do WBTB. I just turn off my alarm clock and then go back to sleep…

This actually works best for me.

REMEMBER: Everyone is different. There is no certain or best technique for anyone at all.

Also, you can go step-by-step even if you don’t achieve much during 1 night. For example last night i had a perfect ND during first 3,5 hours of sleep what i recalled and recorded. Then i tried MILD by scanning the dream in my mind and noticing dream sign what i noticed within the ND. So i kept saying: “if i see this, or that sign in my dream i will recognize that i’m dreaming”. It happened that i lost my sleep for 2 hours (not just because i did intense MILD, but for some RL disturbances also). So later when i got some sleep, the usual thing happened: i saw the same dream signs in next dreams, but my brain was too tired (because of this 2 hours of non-sleep) to recognize any dream sign. So i went through many NDs without any sign of lucidity.

But what is good news: for the first time in my life i told to myself before going to sleep: “when i wake up from sleep i will do RC (picking my nose)”. And my mind remembered to do it! So instead of having LD, at least i was successful on RC (it’s important to do RC after you wake up from dream, because if you happen to have FA - you wake into another dream - then you can control are you really wake, or is it just another dream).

I’m n00b too, but i’m learning step by step :wink:

about staying up until 20 minutes, it works better because you get concious. If you just get up and go straight to bed, yeah you will have a chance, but your brain wont be as active as if you were to stay up for 10-20 minutes. and its not like its hard or anything. just read your DreamDiary on dreams that were lucid. easy peasy!

This is another issue where there seem to be a mix of opinions.

What works best for me is to go right back to sleep after I wake up. The absolute longest I will stay up 5-10 minutes. If I do not have to I don’t even get out of bed. For my WILD technique I can slip through the hypnogia and into the dream much faster than if I stay up for 20 or 30 minutes. Also, my sleep is in no way disrupted with this. However, that is just what is best for me.

The other side is people who like to stay up for 20-30 minutes. This too has it’s benefits as stated above. For me that does not work well as it will take me a long time to get back to sleep if I do that.

In my opinion neither way is “better” than the other they are just different. Again, this is one of those things where you have to decide what is best for you.

Happy Dreaming

note to people, I already posted a thread on this in the quests section…but the handbook is up. tutorials are being uploaded later tonight and into tomorrow. the URL is: … index.html

For more info, you can visit the quests for lucidity section of this forum and read up. :smile: or you can just go. lol. yeah…stay lucid!


Nice site. :smile:

thankya milod :smile: I programmed it myself

I think the best thing to do is try everything. Maybe try WILD one week and try MILD another week. Do as long as it takes to make lucid dreams start happening. As for reality checks, why not practice it? Even if you succeed at WILD or any other meathod, practicing RC will help produce more lucid dreams. Especially for WILD because you have to be awake for WILD to work, unless you plan on waking up several times in one night, doing RCs will help produce LDs while in the middle of a sleeping period.

For advice, I just think sticking with it every night is the thing to do. Personally I don’t do any meathods at all. The only way I become lucid is when I realize how strange the situation in my dream is. It took me about two weeks to get my first lucid dream after discovering them from this site. Hopfully it will come just as quickly to everyone. Good luck.

I agree. Some work more readily than others.

I had my first LD using WBTB. I recommend getting up for 20 minuets, reading abotu lucid dreaming. Go back to bed setting your intensions on having a lucid dream.

Yes, everybody is different, but WBTB has been proved to be very effective in scientific experiments so I would give it a chance. For me, WBTB is extremely effective.