Noone talks to me in LD

I post it here in hope to hear other people thoughts about this and maybe someone has had similar experiences.

I have tried to practice LD, but I probably have so deep sleep, that I never succeeded. Only couple of lucid moments where I couldn´t do anything.
This spring I ordered Galantamine and for me this is the only thing that helps me to become lucid. I´ve had 6 lucid dreams and it´s great, I´ve surprised myself as being very active in dreams. I act immediately when I have some idea to try something.

But there´s something strange in all of these dreams that I didn´t expect. Noone talks to me. I´ve been trying to talk with animals and people, asking questions and they just ignore me and act like they don´t want to answer. Several characters have even acted as they are schocked and surprised taht I turned to them and asked something.
It´s puzzling, because I´ve read that one great thing about LD is that you can talk to all characters, get interesting point of views or maybe even information and advice for something. But noone talks to me and some even try to avoid and walk away.

I´d appreciate any thoughts.

Even when they talk, they aren’t always helpful :tongue:
Small part of one of my LDs…

You might find Testing the Realness of DCs interesting topic 1 and topic 2.

Thanks, interesting thread!

They might not be helpful, but even this would be a good start if some of them say “no” :smile:

Maybe its because you expect them to not talk to you because of what you experienced before. Maybe you can start by telling yourself in the dream the DC can talk to me they will. Doubt is like a barrier, in order to break it you have to believe fully that what your trying to achieve is achievable.

Do you feel ignored by people or have trouble talking to others in real life? If so, this might be the reason for the theme appearing in your LDs. Like DawnEye said, your DCs may simply be refusing to talk to you because that’s your expectation.

If you can’t dispel the doubt with willpower alone, try approaching interaction with DCs in a different way. For example, treat your DCs like you would anyone else, and get them to warm up to you before asking them strange, unprompted questions like “What do you represent?” all of a sudden. It might seem more “reasonable” to your subconscious if you do it that way, and thus, the dream could possibly be less fickle. There’s also the less pleasant option of threatening them: “If you don’t answer me, I’m going to wake up, thereby destroying you and everything you love. I’m serious. It would be easy—like tearing a piece of paper.”

Thank you for feedback!
Yes, I´ve had social anxiety in real life and I even thought to use LD as training environment, but it doesn´t work - I never have problem talking in LD-s, it´s easy to start a conversation, but DCs never respond.
Maybe it is my subconcious belief or fear, though in ordinary dreams I always have interaction with characters. Either way it´s interesting phenomenon for me.
I´m gonna try different approaches.

Hey I can relate.

I can be socially anxious at times and sometimes in my dreams, I am left feeling lonely. You have just brought up a great topic for me because my aim in LDing is to see how I can master interaction with my DC’s to the point where we become close and we share gifts…
I have just had a brainwave…

I am going to see if this works:
When I go to sleep I am going to incubate the fact that all DCs are my friends and want to help me. Like the other above posers have said, we need to expect that they are all friendly and full of our best intentions.

Thats a good idea to make friends with someone in dream and exchange gifts :smile:. Do you meet same characters in different dreams?

For me it´s unexpected that I´m very social and talkative in LDs, but DCs are not, it should be vice versae. Maybe it is because I have some inner beliefe that noone likes to talk to me, I don´t know. It still doesn´t make much sense.

I usually meet random people I don"t know, then again, people I do know, bit of a mix really.
However, the incubation worked and the last dream had interaction at a more pleasant level, instead of feeling anxious, I felt more serene. There seemed to be more well meaning connections, instead of me feeling like a spare part.

Maybe your DC’s are a part of your SA?
I once became lucid and a police officer approached me, and I was trying to convince him he wasn’t real when giving me orders, I think now, that officer was my bossy boots in uniform hehe…
It made me realize, I need to have a less convincing attitude to my DC’s, and a more spontaneous playful spirit…i dunno, but I am going to find out what works and what doesn’t…I think its all down to experience