Normal Dream><Lucid Dream ?

What do you prefer?

  • Really Interesting enjoyable normal dreams
  • Lucid dreams where you choose to follow the dream plot
  • Lucid dreams where you use control

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I love dreams, it’s one of my favorite things in life.
I never had an LD when I knew what a LD was so I can’t really have an opinion on this. I like cats.
What is better? I know the majority (if not, all) of the people are going to say LD

Rips off my head


Lucid normal dreams? Lucid dreams that you choose to just go with the flow of the normal dream, because it’s so much fun.

I have added a poll. It will be interesting to see what percentage chooses the first two options. :smile:

Cool. Thanks :smile:

I defiantely like the lucid dreams where I’m in full control. Going along with the plot would be a close second. I seem to do that the most.

I have voted Lucid but going along with the plot. Even though I haven’t had any epic LD’s I usually try to stay within the bounds im already in.