Nose bleeding

I’m newbie at LD (actually I havent experienced it yet, still learning).
It’s been a week since I started to learning LD… I’m still trying to get into LD, no success yet, but I’m experiencing something…wrong. it’s second day in a row, when I wake up after five hours of sleep (without alarm clock or anything, I just open my eyes in im awake), but today I woke up (also after 5 hours of sleep) with alot of blood on my pillow, like I had a nose bleeding when I was sleeping… Is that normal?

Are you sure the nose bleed was caused by your attempt to lucid dream? Maybe it was just something you ate the day before. If it keeps happening then you’re doing something wrong but I doubt it’s because of lucid dreaming attempts. Lucid dreaming is supposed to be harmless.

I haven’t had nose bleeding for 1-2 years, suddenly when I’m trying to Lucid Dream, nose starts to bleed, I don’t think that this is just a coincidence. I did not eat anything special, just potatoes or salad.

Have you been experiencing a lot of stress lately? Either mental or physical?

Well, I was really stressed to experience SP when tried to fall asleep, my heart started to beat stronger after every little noise in my room, but at daytime, no stress.

Strange… You may have had a really scary, heart pounding dream. Or maybe you just randomly started nose bleeding. It can happen to everyone!
Try again and update us if it happens again.

that´s pretty normal, every begginer (including me…) feel it, it´s fear from nothing, i´m repeating to me that there is nothing and everything is in my head, and it (at least little) works.

and nose bleeding, hmm, when you heartrate goes up, you blood pressure goes up too, and maybe because you are in “weird position” for that big heart rate and pressure (normally you get this when you are running, not laying in bed :smile: ), your nose will start bleeding, just a theory


oh btw, you cal also see a scary person flying/standing near you while you´re in SP, then you´ll ■■■■ bicks from it :hide: :grin: